Sunday, June 10, 2007


What does five hours of hugging in the sweat-choked air of One Seven really mean?
What does saying “I’d be happy to have a boyfriend like you.” really mean?
What does sending late night ‘missing you’ SMS’s really mean?
What do 'dearie' and 'cutie' really mean?
What do virtual hugs and kisses really mean?
What does waking up at 5am and taking a 5-hour bus journey to KL really mean?
What does holding hands in the car braving a late Friday evening bumper traffic really mean?
What does taking a stroll across the KLCC park on a drizzling Saturday afternoon really mean?
What does making weird noises on my stomach while saying 'hujan' really mean?
What does falling asleep together and waking up the next morning in each other’s arms really mean?
What do all the discussions about moving to a neutral city and staying together really mean?
What does “We’ll make this work.” really mean?
What does “I love you.” really mean?
What does 'critisize' really mean?
What does "You're stressing me out" really mean?
What does cool-off period really mean?
What do you really mean?
What do I really mean?
What does anything at all really mean?



David said...

Hey, you are back here at last! I have been surfing your blog for the past hour, waiting for your updates. And you just have changed your blog song too. I miss you and your blog writings for the past one month or so. hehehe... welcome back, my friend! Love your blog a lots!!! Keep writing, dear friend!


jayandkay said...

They all mean good memories.

The guy and his boyfriend were once deeply in love but then something happened and now he feels hopeless about it.

He shouldn't give up on hope yet. Their love will always remain unchanged until the day the both of them stop loving each other.

canardbidon said...

Yes, memories.. and more...

and hope

I wish I could do all those things now

bravingkl said...

hey David, gosh yes, it's been awhile, an absurdly memorable but dizzying month for me. glad to be back.

hey Jay, memories indeed, but I dunno if they are good ones. Can you even weave lies into beautiful tales?

and certainly no more hope, canardbidon.

Legolas said...

If he really meant it when he said and did those things, I think it is still better than he really never meant it at all.

But, it doesn't really matter now, does it?

savante said...

It all means the beginning of something wonderful. Hopefully.

You sure it's all gone down the drain?

bravingkl said...

legolas, i wish i know for sure, but indeed, it doesn't matter now.

savante, it's gone down the drain, into the underground water channels, pass the SMART tunnel, and end up in some uninteresting outskirts of Klang Valley.

Dennis Wayne said...

what all that meant was that you never had a joint goal you could pursue. Love has a limited use-by date.. after that it fades or if you are lucky it grows