Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Merdeka SMS

Anonymous to Me:
Happy Merdeka!

Me to Anonymous:
You are?

Anonymous to Me:
Myself. I think, therefore I am. I speculate, therefore I may be.

Me to Anonymous:
You talk crap, therefore you are history.

Anonymous to Me:
That's wrong. You doubt, therefore you do not exists.

Me to Anonymous:
I do not exist. Therefore you must be crazy to SMS a non-existant being.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Shop For The Top

For those with a shameless addiction for taking it from behind, please do not step into this outlet.

Bangkok As Presented by Google Earth

While checking out Google Earth again, I was delighted to find out that the City of Angels now have higher resolution satellite images. Immediately set out to browse around and retrace how was the previous 7D6N trip spent braving this breathlessly vibrant metropolis:

Silom/Suriwong Area (click on map for larger view):

  • The acclaimed Agogo Boy street featuring young Thai boys with disproportionately large endowments parading their stuff on stage for all to watch, behold, and for the courageous few, to bring back for some private enjoyment as well.
  • The very gay-friendly Suriwongse Hotel. Grab an agogo boy up with you to your room, and be assured that no eyelids are bat in the process.
  • Patpong area to practise your bargaining power, and Bahasa Melayu skills (useful when exchanging remarks with fellow travel mates) "U rasa mahal ke? I rasa boleh murah lagi la.."
  • Freeman, with its infamous cruising maze, and DJ Station gay discos to dance the night away, punctuated by beautiful aquas telling Thai jokes on stage. Just laugh along and they'll bet their lives that you're a local.
  • The Saladaeng Skytrain station to bring you around town, and ensure that the farthest saunas and most remote night markets are within reach.

Babylon and vicinity (click on map for larger view):

  • The acclaimed Babylon Sauna and Barracks and the more humble Malaysia Hotel in its vicinity.

Chakran and vicinity (click on map for larger view):

  • The Ari Skytrain station and at four roads and a 10mins' walk away, the equally famous Chakran Sauna, frequented mainly by locals, if that is your cup of tea.

Jatujak Weekend Market (click on map for larger view):

  • Nothing gay about this place, but which trendy fashion-consious sister can resist the collective temptation of 9,000 stalls spread over a 100,000 square meter of pure bargaining mess selling local goods from clothings, gifts, handicraft, textiles, furnitures, to pets and antiques?
  • Shown here with the Mo Chit Skytrain station just a few steps away.

Lumphini Park (click on map for larger view):

  • The premiere cruising park of Bangkok, where happy moments are defined by copulating couples making out in the shadows of the night, just by the lake, or watching hardcore body-builders sweating it out with rusty age-old equipments at the open air gym .

Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy Anniversary ERW

ERW is leaving.

Admist the countless experiences of the 60*-odd visits that we made to this bleak yet uncontrollably addictive world, most blur into fragmented pieces of short-lived existence worthless of a second mention, yet some break the clutter and shine through, leaving a trail of lingering emotions that are sometimes conjured up for further review and relive.

Nevermind the persistant yet confusing exchange of chemistry that never materialise.

Had a sudden notion to check the exact date we met, and it was exactly one year ago TODAY. Freaking sixth sense, but who's afraid.

Happy anniversary ERW!

*Calculated based on 1 visit per week, give and take occasions where we're horny (or bored) enough to pay a second visit on the same week, and occasions we decided to take a break, only to find ourselves in another sauna.


Friday, August 19, 2005

Pathetic Beings On A Rainy Tuesday Morning

Pathetic beings congregating at the main entrance of a famous embassy on a rainy Tuesday morning. The wet patches on their clothes were growing, yet their contorted faces, confused and hungry for attention, collectively stayed focused at the booth. The glass window seemed bullet-proof, conversations were conducted via a microphone and speaker fixed on the window, and exchanges of documents via a tiny slit at the base. Occupants in this tiny, protected world had every reasons to believe that the Chinese auntie dressed in a shabby green t-shirt with floral designs standing outside with her ignorant-looking daughter is a first grade terrorist 20 years in the making.

Stepping into this protected world via the similarly thick glass door immediately reduced them from lowly creatures to prehistoric single-cell species, capable of only processing simple instructions executed mainly with the pointing of fingers and nodding or shaking of heads. It is a wonderful sight to behold how significantly a simple uniform with a name tag can redefine class, authority and ego.

Over at the main office, more uniformed beings had evolved further to using telepathy as the main form of communications, thus voiding all forms of facial expressions required for the pathetic beings to gauge responses and process answers. With their piercing eyes, they scrutinized every inch of the subjects, now stripped of any form of dignity. From afar they came, to end up in this protected little world to appeal, plead and beg for a chance to step foot on the country so glorious that the notion of not being able to make it there in this lifetime itself was too heart-breaking too bear.

“2 working weeks you’ll have to wait, and don’t bother calling us,” the uniformed being concluded after a painstaking and tedious, yet well-organised process.

“Auntie,” I turned and talked to the Chinese lady who was now collecting her wallet from the security counter, “How did yours go?”

“That Cantonese-speaking Ang Moh asked me to go visit another country lah,” she mumbled, before disappearing into the congested streets on a rainy Tuesday morning.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Manatus: A Map of Indulgence

Location = Miharja, Cheras
RED areas = Action Zone
Clicking on the map = Clearer view

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Fresh Meat Market

Fresh meat market in the heat of the night, commodities being traded like hot stocks off the wall on a busy KLSE trading day. 'Brokers', on standby to receive orders from discreet men who have come from as far as Klang, keep themselves busy with the constant shuffling of photo cards, from either "Occupied" to "Available" to "Off Day". Pick a number quick, and go into the assigned room with your order.

So, will it be "Normal" or "Bukak" for you today?

Friday, August 12, 2005

Otot-Otot: A Map of Indulgence

Location = Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur
RED areas = Action Zone
Clicking on the map = Clearer view

Lower Level:

Upper Level:

What can you find in the Maze, you asked. Cum stains, I said, lots of them!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Up, Up and Away

I'm flying soon!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

M Club: A Map of Indulgence (former Mirage)

Location = Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur
RED areas = Action Zone
Clicking on the map = Clearer view

Ground Floor:

First Floor:

Second Floor:

Third Floor:

Forth Floor:

What happens in the dark rooms, you ask? What else?

Monday, August 01, 2005

How to finish a RM16.90 Golden Fried Rice from Causeway Bay, Low Yatt

1. "Oh gosh! Do I have this all to myself?"
2. "Spread it out a little and it looks even more unachievable now!"
3. "I think I'm up to my neck already!"
4. "Stuff this last prawn down and I want no more of this stuff!"
5. "Help! I feel paralysed from the neck down!"

Depression Sets In

Depression sets in, on a disturbing wee hours of a Monday morning. Weekend’s come and gone, and my heart races faster as I run down a list of things I absolutely need to do: more albums for my photography site (the traffic is dwindling), my Thai lessons (why am I still at the 18th lesson), the few e-books that I have downloaded and printed but yet to touch, workout (the 8-minute abs exercise is working fine, but I need to do more), playing the piano (the keyboard is collecting dust again) yet don’t get me started on work. I dread to add anymore. Don’t understand what’s with the constant rush. I stare hard at the ceiling, not a wink of sleep, and worry sick about the fact that I am only here in this world for the tiniest fraction of time, and this me won’t even be around to worry about anything anymore when the time comes. Grab my phone and start a frantic search of phone numbers and SMS’s to delete. I thought I’m liberated, never mind the shivering hands, but each step only make me sink deeper. And it’s ok if my job doesn’t bring me places anymore. I think I’m beginning to enjoy disappointment. It helps manage my expectations, don’t fly too high, don’t venture too far, stay put in my own cocoon of contentment, maybe the pain in my chest will go away. Images of Mum having meals alone, why are these haunting me again? She knows! She finally knows! I peel my finger nails, peel them hard enough to feel the pain, and I recall the last time I feel these piercing emotions, never too long ago, countless ones too, but I don’t remember the last time I cry. In and out of the pit, I’m going crazy.