Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Four Letter Word

Mr. A: Hi!

Braving: Harlow.

(Mr. A went all silent, as with all passive bottoms of the world, expecting you to pick up the conversation I suppose, which makes you wonder why they bother to say hi in the first place.)

Braving: OK, so how’s ur weekend?

Mr. A: Oh, I went to Sentul home.

Braving: Oh okies. Didn’t know you have a house in Sentul.

Mr. A: Oh no no, I went there with my friends for a show.

Braving: Hmm.. u meant to say you organized a show at your place?

Mr. A: No no no, I don’t stay there la. Haiye, this place in Sentul, just next to maper, how come you dunno one?

Braving: (Not wanting to pronounce an innocent soul guilty of misspelling a tree that he most probably has never seen in his life) Ah, you mean the Maple condo I believe. You watched a performance there? Where exactly is this place?

Mr. A: Haiyoh you really dunno hor. So big the signboard also you dunno? When you drive your car there, already at the entrance there got say ma so big the word – H O M E!

(A 30-sec silence ensued, as I struggled to catch my breath and recompose myself, from the stark realization of the place this guy was describing.)

Braving: Erm, darling, the name of the place is called KLPAC, not HOME. The four-letter word is YTL’s way of saying that they want you to call their properties in Sentul East/West just that when you’re here.

God have mercy on Malaysian gay men.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Have iPhone, Will Grind

Ok, so I have been summoned to put up this community service update for all the iPhone users out there.

Well if you’re gay and you have an iPhone, and you do not know this already, you will be delighted with this app. Grindr is basically a gay men dating app with a twist – it lists all fellow gay iPhone users around you, sorted by their relative distances from you, with the closest one appearing on the top of your list of course.

Throw in the ability to chat, exchange pictures, send maps of actual locations and the such, and you get an excellent social dating app, if nothing more than just a conversational piece over dinner.