Saturday, October 29, 2005

Treasured Find in Low Yatt

What has rainbow colours and features the most complete collection of gay-themed movies that you'd have ever come across in your pathetic queer life in Kuala Lumpur? When you're bored with the peep holes in the toilet, head over here and enter the secluded enclave of the backroom to get your hands on that movie that you heard was making headlines overseas but would never be screened here in Malaysia, unless over the dead bodies of our beloved uncles in the Censorship Board.

And oh, they have a pretty good customer loyalty plan too.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Counting the Days

  • to stop counting the days

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


有些人,因为秃头干脆将头发剃光好让年纪减轻半载 - 值得
有些人,因为一段几小时邂逅故事痛苦地追求跨国恋情 - 不值得
有些人,因为一段十年的感情放弃新鲜与刺激 - 值得
有些人,因为害怕忘记怎么样驾驶手排档的汽车而放弃自动排档的方便 - 不值得
有些人,因为缺乏自信心而白白花了三年的时间出卖内心的渴望 - 不值得
有些人,因为感情路上受挫折而失去幽默感 - 不值得
有些人,因为放不下自尊心而只敢在黑房里将阳具往你的口里塞却没有胆量在灯光下开口跟你说话 - 不值得

肉体的满足 - 不值得
有些人,因为追求快感而忘了戴套 - 不值得
有些人,因为渴望一段新恋情而出卖旧情 - 不值得

试图探讨有些人为何认为不值得的事情值得做 - 最不值得

Monday, October 24, 2005

Leo Fitness Center: A Map of Indulgence

Sensing growing competition, Leo recently extended its floor space to deliver what seems like the best sauna offering in the whole of Malaysia. Shame on KL saunas.

* Courtesy of David Chin. Click on map for larger view.

Mirage is CLOSED! (Updated)

The infamous sauna that has been tirelessly in round-the-clock operation for the past 5 years is now CLOSED!

Valuable sources of information from potential customers-turn-part time reporter told of a notice at the staircase entrance advising customers that Mirage will be closed for anything from six months to a year due to renovation works. No prior notice were given even to the more loyal patrons, paving way for speculations behind the actual reasons behind this ground-breaking news.

Over the next few weeks after the departure of Mirage, the following juicy bits made their rounds amongst the sauna-going crowd:
  • The decision to stop operations was indeed kept within the owners. Unsuspecting staff were gathered around to receive their last paycheck before being asked to bid farewell to their only source of income for the past few years.
  • There were stories of a police report being made by one of the patrons for the loss of RM3,000 in Mirage, leading to an extensive investigation effort which most probably brought the true nature of this 'Health Spa cross Motel' to light.

So what are you up to this Sunday evening?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Two Farewell Notes

Uncle to BravingKL:

Dear XXX,

I believe that each friendship depends on the persons involved. I have offered myself as a friend but you have said that what we have or what we can have does not qualify as a friendship. You believe that your definition of a friendship is more commonly accepted and therefore, it would be almost impossible for me to be your friend. I think I now understand that your expectations of me depends on your world view of what a friendship is. Since our world view differs fundamentally on this, and I cannot offer more, it seems that I should just care for you from afar so that I do not cause any more misunderstanding between us.

Take care - my friend (or whatever you call yourself).

BravingKL to Uncle:

i thought i already stressed that i can accept whatever you can offer, just dun term it as 'friendship' coz meeting at the wee hours of the morning (obviously behind the back of your long-term lover) are just not what friends do. anyhow, i thought it was a healthy debate but you obviously got too emotional. awww. did i hit a few guilt spots? your disappearance from yahoo messenger showed your reluctance to face this debate and only served to reinforce this conclusion. i may be wrong of course, but let's just end it here.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Gay Men's Seven Deadliest Lies

"I'm single too."
I'm really attached for the past five years but he is working/ sleeping/ not in town/ in the midst of fucking some other guys. So let's cut this crap short and have a good time.

"I love you."
I love your body/ face/ cock/ hole.

"Wanna come over to my place just to chat?"
I'll strip you the moment you walk pass the door. We can chat after we cum.

"Can you unzip? I just wanna look."
I need to perform some quality check on your tool before I proceed to invest more time/energy on you.

"I'll just leave it outside, no penetration, I promise."
I'll rub and spread enough precum on your hole so that it'll slip in with the slightest effort, and hopefully by that time, you'll be too overwhelmed to notice/reject.

"It won't be painful."
Your hole looks loose enough, I'll just use more lub.

"This is my first time too."
This is my first time this week/ today/ this hour.

Adapted from an SMS message. Anymore to contribute? :D

Friday, October 14, 2005

The BravingKL Charity Drive

I just lay there, watching myself in the mirror. He had yanked the last piece of cloth off my body, and was just now starting to devour me in utter hunger. My arms were spread motionless on the bed, too weak to return his warm embrace and my legs, left hanging by the edge of the bed, too unmotivated to find a more comfortable spot. The three-hour drive from Ipoh did not seem to impact his excitement, but at least his senses were blinded as he could not the slightest detect my reluctance. For the longest time, I closed my eyes and waited patiently as I paid my gratitude in full.

The BravingKL charity drive is back by popular demand. Have you claimed your share yet?


Friday, October 07, 2005

The Seven Sins of Mirage

The Priceless Vase

Sitting on the top of the human food chain, the Priceless Vase represents the epitome of culinary delight with their model quality looks and prime cut meat. To the mere mortals, they are the unreachable, the untouchables, a dream too beautiful to materialise, yet they represent a challenge worth shaving off 3 years of your lifespan. Unlike its porcelain equivalent though, the Priceless Vase normally depreciates with time. As the clock ticks away and the crowd dwindle, give him your best shot and you may just have your prayers answered.

The Super Cum Container
The Super Cum Container presents the perfect solution for a quick and effortless catch. Commonly associated with expired uncles with greasy faces, beer bellies, retreating penises, and smelly breath, they are constantly found roaming in the darkest corner of the upper and lower dark rooms in search of willing preys either too hungry to be selective with their meat or have pride too brittle to be broken by rejections. Tirelessly and meticulously, they work their charms and magic spells on your tool to suck your week-old cum and worries away. Completely free of charge, no reciprocal actions expected.

The Marathon Fucker
The Marathon Fuckers come in a wide variety of flavours, and normally have looks and appearances that are above par and quality expectations that are below par, to warrant a constant stream of meat for a demanding appetite. Extending his stay beyond the duration of the normal crowd, he ensures money well spent by a tireless repertoire of courting and intercourse. This illusive personality spends only 5% of his time locating his prey and the remaining time devouring them in one of the private rooms.

The Single Bullet Gunman
To the Single Bullet Gunman, Mirage presents a single, unfazed proposition for a quick fix, not unlike that of a fast food chain. Single-minded, clear and focused on his one and only agenda, he comes, he kills and he goes, leaving no trace of his identity, no means for follow-up contact beyond the walls of Mirage, and certainly no emotions behind. As the door slams shut, he leaves the fantasy world behind and returns home to his family, friends and colleagues, physically contented and ready to brave the cruel, straight world that he has grew up in and is reluctant to leave.

The Hyperactive Kid
Super-charged with raging hormones, the Hyperactive Kid can be seen braving the entire fleet of stairs of the 5-storey building in one breath of air. With an ego as high as his hormones, and most probably skin as thin as my oil-control sheet, he would rather die than to be seen engaged in any form of courting actions with the others. His facial expressions do not cater for the slightest leakage of emotions that would betray him into showing the faintest of interest to the hunky uncle at the corner of his eyes. Constantly in denial of his urges, his testosterone finds no outlet and is thus channelled from the copulating muscles to the exercising muscles. Stand aside uncles, or have your frail bones shattered by the human bullet.

The Saint
The Saint is an anti-thesis of the sauna culture, a living irony to remind us that there are guys out there who are willing to pay RM20 to do anything other than the one single thing on everyone else’s agenda. Piles of perfectly sculpted bodies in copulation heat yet the Saint remains unperturbed as he busied himself in front of the PC surfing the web, or pumping irons in the ill-equipped gym, or reading magazines in the courtyard garden. Oblivious to the attention paid to him, he is permenantly detached from the world of seductive play by avoiding all eye contacts, and brushing off all attempts to establish other physical channels.

The Sociable Sister
If not for the Sociable Sister, the Mirage dream would be an experience void of colours and sound. Dressed in towels wrapped in a fashionable twist, the Sisters sashay along the walkways as they pay visit to different corners of the saunas, freely dispensing the latest beauty tips, the most up-to-date gossips about gay politicians, artists, TV commentators, and sport personalities and last but certainly not least, the most intimate sex stories for all to savour and enjoy. It is not uncommon for peals of laughter to penetrate into the darkest corner of the dark room. To the Sociable Sister, Mirage is a place to chill out and chat the weekend evening away without having to put up with strange glances from the curious public.

So which sins have you committed lately?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The 100th Post

Time to screw some cocks, err.. I mean pop some corks, gals? :D

The Ultimate Cruising Machine!

Nokia Sensor:
A spontaneous, sociable application - for spontaneous, sociable people. Based on the Bluetooth technology, Sensor is a totally new way of communicating with people within your vicinity, for example in cafés, get-togethers, buses and trains. No matter where you are, connect and communicate with other Sensor users around you and widen your social circle.

With Sensor you can create your own personal pages - called a folio - on your phone. You can also check out the folios of other Sensor users nearby, exchange messages, and share files. A folio is your short-range mobile homepage that you create. It houses your avatar, interesting conversation topics and contains details about all your quirky habits and unusual hobbies. :D

My fellow sisters, if you have not installed this on your Series 60 Nokia phones, what are you waiting for??

Find out more!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Come And Kick My Ass

You'll come and kick my ass, you said you will if I tell you again that I feel you don't miss me enough.

You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough.

There you go. So fly here right now and KICK MY ASS! I'm waiting.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Say No to Yes Karaoke

Saturday night at Yes Karaoke. Come here and be amused with the various alcohol-influenced antiques of squealing sisters dressed in the latest cross-dressing Ah Lian fashion from Sungai Wang boutiques, witness the showcase of gravity defying dance steps performed by chinese fan-wielding sisters in super tight jeans, and catch a special preview of Bitch Wars before the official release date in cinemas worldwide this fall.

Otherwise, stay away.