Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Ultimate Cruising Machine!

Nokia Sensor:
A spontaneous, sociable application - for spontaneous, sociable people. Based on the Bluetooth technology, Sensor is a totally new way of communicating with people within your vicinity, for example in cafés, get-togethers, buses and trains. No matter where you are, connect and communicate with other Sensor users around you and widen your social circle.

With Sensor you can create your own personal pages - called a folio - on your phone. You can also check out the folios of other Sensor users nearby, exchange messages, and share files. A folio is your short-range mobile homepage that you create. It houses your avatar, interesting conversation topics and contains details about all your quirky habits and unusual hobbies. :D

My fellow sisters, if you have not installed this on your Series 60 Nokia phones, what are you waiting for??

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