Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Houston Skies Are Made of You

I remember my first night in the cold big city. Seems like just yesterday that you made your grand appearance in my dull hotel room. “Welcome to Houston,” you gave me a reassuring hug and I thought I slipped into a dream.

I remember holding hands in the car while you drove me around town. I saw dashing cyclists crossing the road in Montrose, half naked men jogging in Herman Park, and sexy clubbers having coffee at The Village. But most importantly, I saw the most heart-warming face in the whole of US, right here next to me.

I remember holding hands again while watching a movie in the cinema. Your sweaty palms resting on mine, and my wandering fingers lingering amidst yours. Took regular intervals to turn and look at each other. Which movie did we watch again?

I remember the meals we had, American, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Cajun, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. Whatever, as long as I was with you.

I remember us rushing to get ice-cream at 2am on a quiet Sunday morning, and then having to sit by the bench to finish it as the restaurant was closing. You grabbed me to sit closer to you as we braved the cool night breeze together, and laughed as I carelessly got a few drops of melting Mexican vanilla on my shirt. I wish I had told you that the ice cream was not the only thing that was melting at that moment.

I remember the passionate kisses in your car. One session everytime we got on, and another before we got off. You would tolerate no misses, no half-baked emotions, and no short-lived passion that was less than 10secs long.

I remember waking up in the morning in your bed, with your cat staring right at my face. I know he hated me for stealing you away. He have had you for 4 years, and me, a mere 3 weeks. Somewhere in his feline conscious I knew he would have forgiven me.

I remember sinking into your resounding chest as the cold jet descended rapidly down onto the dance floor in South Beach Dance Club. The rapid 20 degrees drop of temperature meant nothing, with your heart beating next to mine. Sexy half-naked Latinos eager to catch my attention, but my eyes remained fixated on you. I thought I heard you say you would never let me go.

And then, I remember the chaotic scene at the departure hall. The whole of Houston were there, trying to catch the last few flights out of the city right in the path of Hurricane Rita. No tearful goodbye, no extended hugs and kisses. (I had so waited for this moment). But you had to stay home to prepare for the worst. I understand.

And so a thousand-mile journey was just now coming to an end. For the full three weeks, I thought this was my life, and you were my soul. Braving KL never existed; Braving Houston was not necessary because you were right there with me. As the Boeing 747 slowly taxied onto the runway, I took one last glance of the gloomy overcast Houston sky and imagined you waving at me from the departure hall.

There is no place like home, but I left my heart in a city called Houston.

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories


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