Friday, September 09, 2005

The Furthest Gay Sauna from Home

In the furthest gay sauna that I have ever been from home, things are not as different as I thought they are.

They have dimly lit mazes too, though the addition of glory holes on the wall partitions, jailroom and sling for your S&M pleasures, a decent size swimming pool, cedar wood benches in the dry sauna, and constant showing of hot, steamy movies make for some interesting variations to life.

Along the corridors, a pride parade marches on, as they do back home. But the intentional over-exposure of eager members, with an statistically-averaged 7" size (witnessed and verified), spread across an international buffet of Caucasians, Latinos, Blacks and Asians, are virtually unheard of back home.

And as I get laid by this charming Italiano tastier and more fiery than a jalapeno pizza, I thought I felt a hint of the repulsive yet addictive lingering smell of Mirage.

But I am really in Midtowne Spa, the furthest gay sauna that I have ever been from home.

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chris hanson (िशव) said...

where is this sauna located?