Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Hunk Who Likes To Take It From Behind

I was in the midst of watching the Amazing Race catch-up episodes at the TV lounge, when my back suddenly hit against what felt like a brick wall. I thought I had checked that the space behind me was clear just five seconds ago, somehow someone had managed to squeeze into the tiny gap.

This ‘brick wall’ turned out to be a well-built big sized muscular (couldn’t emphasize enough LOL) Chinese guy in his early 30s. My heart jumped a beat with this breathtaking sight, so much muscle in so close a distance. But I was more occupied with the internal debate of whether an apology was being expected out of me. Somehow I felt this was all intentional, so I kept quiet and turned my attention back to the show. I had missed too many episodes of the race, and one of the four remaining couples were enjoying catching the fancy of the whole world with one of their dramatic fights again.

The fighting couple had kissed and made up on TV, and yet he remained still behind me, not an inch to the left, not an inch to the right. Another commercial break, and I turned to the walkway to catch my breath. A combination of pleasant body perfume and heat generated from those overworked muscles so close behind me had caused a mad rush of blood to my ear lobes.

He suddenly lodged into a position that would be impossible for me to maneuver without establishing body contact. And so I had to sacrifice my butt as I squeezed through the walkway to leave the TV lounge. I was trying hard to avoid direct eye contact, but his face, which was now carrying a cute grin, was too hard to pass by. The complex maneuvering tired me out instantly, and I just stood by the walkway in front of the row of private cubicles, a few occupied, but mostly empty.

Sensing that I’m nearing surrender, he slowly entered an empty cubicle and just stood there with the door open. Overpowered, I walked in, turned around and quickly fold the door shut. I know a lot of patrons, including me, still feel embarrassed about being seen following someone into the cubicles, even though everyone knows that is exactly what people come here for.

With the door shut, I turned around and noticed the towel was already at one corner, and him stark naked and lying on the mattress, ready for some action. Not knowing what to expect (that is always the case when you have a private session in the cubicles), I just lie down on top of him, and gave him a good tight hug, savoring his warmth and scent.

I saw his hand reached behind, and returned with a condom, before putting it in my hand. For the longest of moment, I just stared at the packet, not knowing if he had intended that for himself or for me. Sensing my disorientation, he slowly spread his legs, gave my tool a tight grab and guided it to his hole. The message was now clear. I reached down with my finger to test the water; he pushed that away and insisted that he was ready, and so I proceeded.

I continue to experience the after effects of disbelief from a hunk who likes to take it from behind, nevertheless we had a great time.


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