Monday, August 13, 2007

Otot-Otot: A Map of Indulgence (Updated)

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An uncle started stripping next to me in the lockers as I was getting ready to change and leave. As I put on my shoes he seemed still stuck at the first stage of undress – removing his shirt.

“Haiya! Tell you don’t wear so tight already, don’t want to listen!”

His aggravated sauna kaki pushed his struggling clumpy hands away from his skin-tight shirt, and started painstakingly shifting the velvety material inch by inch up the multiple-folds of his colossal belly.

“Know how to put on, but don’t know how to remove meh!” The grumbling continued as I left.

Chubs and chubs-chasers of the world unite!


Anonymous said...


Sounds like u selalu pergi sauna.. Do u know anyone name joe yang selalu pergi otot2. Look like cina.. with misai n cermin mata? I lost contact with him la

chii said...

wow, i really enjoying reading ur blog, sounds like u r constantly deep in love... i spent a whole day reading ur preious entry when i was supposed to be doing my homework... i live near jalan ipoh, but never manage to come across mirage or Mclub... hmm, i bid u best of luck in all ur undertakings, whether is it love or career... dont stop blogging, thank you ^_^

Anonymous said...

seen this man?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

ประเทศมาเลเซีย สันต์วันเกิดนะครับ


hello.. its been ages since u had any new post. hope things r well with u. if not,do get well soon. always looking 4ward 2 reading your blogs.

Anonymous said...

wonder i can visit otot2 someday...just wanna experience the enveroment....mmm so excited.. :D

Boboi84 said...

Yeah, wana go sumday but scared la..any1 wana go wif me, wat day got malay crowd huh?