Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Dinner at Cafe Cafe

The flickering candlelight blinded my vision temporarily, but your gleaming sincerity shone right through. I flipped through the CD book of the couple of Thai Pop CDs that you got me from Bangkok, and then you handed me a pouch with some pendants inside, personalized with my name, initials, and birthdays. Couldn’t help but felt a tinge of uneasiness as your close friends dining in the next table popped in and out of our conversation, or watched us closely from their tables, like nervous parents scrutinizing every action of the new suitor on the block. Thought I was unsuitably underdressed for the occasion. Then I watched in amusement as you tapped clumsily on your mobile phone, and made a mental note to teach you T9 input next time. Listened to more Thai pop in the car while I drove you home, you said you’ll introduce me to your lover of 20 years in due time.

In due time...

Nice to see you again, Mr Philosophy Men.


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