Saturday, November 26, 2005

The KL Pink Districts: Chow Kit

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  • Otot-Otot Sauna: Amidst sleazy karaoke pubs, run-down massage parlours and filthy back lanes, lies the crown jewel of KL's sauna scene. Come home to a tastefully refurbished courtyard area complete with koi pond and jacuzzi in a lush and quaint setting. Internet-enabled PCs running at a legacy dial-up speed of 28.8kbps and processor speed of 250Mhz reinforces heart-felt message of the owners that you don't pay RM35 to surf the Web in a gay sauna. The owners would also like to ensure that your experience are made more memorable with sex on cold, hard and wet tiled toilet floors, which most conveniently for them, are far more easier to maintain than the mattress and wooden flooring of Mirage. Popular time slots are weekend evenings.

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