Monday, November 21, 2005

The New Queen of Sauna

In yet another wave of change, the KL pink sauna scene is set abuzz again with the addition of yet another contender, apparently a strong one too. Emerging from amongst the massage houses in Cheras comes Kakiku, freshly renovated and eager to capitalize on the extra pink dollar from the void left by the sudden departure of Mirage. With an attractive line-up of special activities up its sleeve such as foam parties and naked nights, many of Mirage’s regulars are now marking their next available Sundays to check out the hype, and hopefully relieve some pressure off their cum bags who are just now encountering record-breaking fullness.

Occupying a single floor space of a few shophouses combined, Kakiku certainly packs potential. The eagerness to climb to the top of the sauna popularity chart is quite evident from the line-up of very customer-centric staff, effort to generate excitement with special scheduled activities, an acceptable level of cleanliness, properly air-conditioned environment and a constant supply of consumables (chinese tea, water, mints, soap, hairgel etc).

But then, we are, still, around 2 light years away from the saunas in our beloved neighbouring countries:

  • Poor planning means an awful waste of space and potential. Some rooms and facilities are obviously underutilized because of ill-anticipated intent, or it could be just that the management has simply ran out of money for further renovation.
  • No private rooms (unless you are willing to pay extra) and a relatively bright common dark room means all indescribable acts have to be executed in the privacy of wet and cold toilet stalls, or held back until after eight when the dark room opens.
  • Not enough cruising spots for the golden opportunity to grab the meat of your desire.
  • 'Foam Party' should rightly be renamed just 'Foam Shower' instead.

In the absence of a more deserving candidate, one month and 5 days after the departure of Mirage, I now declare Kakiku as the new Queen of Saunas.

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