Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy Anniversary ERW

ERW is leaving.

Admist the countless experiences of the 60*-odd visits that we made to this bleak yet uncontrollably addictive world, most blur into fragmented pieces of short-lived existence worthless of a second mention, yet some break the clutter and shine through, leaving a trail of lingering emotions that are sometimes conjured up for further review and relive.

Nevermind the persistant yet confusing exchange of chemistry that never materialise.

Had a sudden notion to check the exact date we met, and it was exactly one year ago TODAY. Freaking sixth sense, but who's afraid.

Happy anniversary ERW!

*Calculated based on 1 visit per week, give and take occasions where we're horny (or bored) enough to pay a second visit on the same week, and occasions we decided to take a break, only to find ourselves in another sauna.


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