Thursday, December 30, 2004

Against All Odds

8:30am on the KL-Seremban Highway, I drove past the toll plaza heading towards the Seremban direction, and immediately joined the bumper-to-bumper traffic which had now backed up almost to the toll plaza itself. Yes, a condition as rare as a 9.0 magnitude earthquake given the fact that 70% of the working population were most probably already on leave with the school holidays and year-end period (at least that assumption is true for my office). Another accident (however minor) on either side of the highway again?

A green Alfa Romeo inched closely up to my right. I turned to look and almost choked on my gum. It was unmistakably Spiky Hair Uncle (SHU)! What is the odd of ever bumping into a colleague who works in the same floor and wing as you, and whom you have fancied in the office, amongst a thousand other vehicles that were all simultaneously trying to squeeze themselves from the 20-lane toll entrance to a 4-lane highway?

And oh, my CD started playing “What a Wonderful World” at that very moment.

I was naturally out of breath, but I guess SHU was not too excited about meeting in this out-of-place setting. He turned, gave me his usual trademark glance, mouth opened slightly then closed (simulating chewing, which he believes ups his coolness a few level), and then proceeded to drive past me. Damn! His lane seemed to be moving faster than mine.

The traffic eventually cleared, and I found myself driving 20% faster all the way to the office, in search of a green Alfa Romeo.


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