Monday, December 06, 2004

The M Word

Yes, I guess it was just 3 weeks ago that we said we’re going to boycott Mirage. Yes, we did say they could have done a thousand times better in upkeeping the place – the dark room smells (but the perfume gals come around spraying air freshener every now and then), the water in the showers just drip sometimes (but hey, they have water heaters), there is no Jacuzzi (the owner says it’s difficult to keep the water germ-free, as though it is already speckless all around the place), the lockers look like they’re ready to fall apart (but they just changed the padlocks!), the curtains in the dining area could use a wash (but they serve much better meals).So I guess with no real competition, they have every reason to believe people will just return, just like us. (Otot-otot wants us to believe it’s comfortable to have sex on the toilet floor, Bambusa believes their patrons are thick-skinned enough to walk up the stairway entrance, with brightly lit signboards to add, for the whole of Bukit Bintang folks to see and Manatus believes it’s healthy to have cold showers after a out-of-body experience in the steam room.)And indeed, Mirage on a Sunday evening must be the most happening place in the whole of Malaysia.

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