Thursday, December 30, 2004

I Blue You, You Blue Me

A usual Saturday night out at Bukit Bintang, a population of coffee sipping, makeup wearing, glamour touting, SKII endorsing brand conscious sisters had congregated at the outdoor café setting of SanFran, Lot 10.

I fired up the bluetooth reception on my Nokia and found 8 other devices in the vicinity, with names probably as glamorous as their owners. Over at the other tables, a few were already deeply engaged in this new wave of communication, heads down, and hands grasping firmly on their phones (cleverly positioned below the table top for the discreet ones).

At times they would turn and look around, perhaps to identify the culprit who had just sent over some insidious comments (“I think that moustache of yours doesn’t go well with the LV bag”). And other times, proudly flashing their phones to their gang of friends, sharing a naughty video clip or picture that he had just received over the air.

The bluetooth setting in Nokia phones requires that the receiver clicks OK to acknowledge the transmission, which simply means I will have to constantly check on my phone to see if someone is trying to send me something. Not good, as this will rob me of the precious time spent on other activities that are just as meaningful, such as entertaining ourselves watching the occasional good meat walk past, or listening to my sisters share their very personal account of a good catch late last night (often peppered with details too lurid for any blogs).

As I sipped up the last drop of ice-blended mocha, my phones are already loaded with 2 new video clips, 8 new pics, and a new phone number.

Are you free this weekend? Go join the party. :P

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Anonymous said...

OMG, i stumbled across your blog, turned on my bluetooth at Dome last Saturday (22/7) and there was YOUR phone (or were you using a PDA?)

Wanted to say hi but didn't know how to and shy as well :p