Saturday, November 26, 2005

The KL Pink Districts: Kelana Jaya

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  • Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool: As the Tun Razak pool is to Cheras folks, and Chin Woo is to the Chinatown downtown folks, the epicenter of gay activities for PJ folks is the Kelana Jaya swimming pool. Discretion is of the utmost importance amidst schools of children and unsuspecting straight couples sharing the facilities. It is not hard to conclude though, that guys who pay RM3 to hang around in the changing room or bounce about at the edge of the pool have anything but swimming in their agenda.
  • Kelana Jaya Park: When the straight crowd gets too overwhelming, the frusfrated horny ones, eager to get off weeks-worth of load, conveniently hop over to the adjoining park to continue their cruise, reinforcing yet again the symbiotic relationship of pools and parks. Definitely not as crowded as Tun Razak, you must be warned too that gay men talked about the legend of a murdered gay victim floating on the lake as often as topics of beauty, skincare and fashion.
  • Steamworks Sauna: From the same owner of Manatus and Celsius, comes another recent addition of small scale, low-turnout, poorly equipped and sometimes ill-maintained sauna for the convenience of PJ folks who would rather bear with all these inadequacies than to getting lost driving to saunas in other areas while braving the KL notorious traffic jams.

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