Saturday, November 26, 2005

The KL Pink Districts: Bukit Bintang

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  • Cafes: It's considered the IN thing to be seen chatting with fellow sisters over a cup of overpriced cappucino or frappucino while browsing fashion magazines on weekend afternoons or at night, while waiting for the clubbing scene to heat up. Check out what's hot and what's not, who's in and who's out as a steady flow of meat sashay their way along the walkways. Popular outlets are Dome, Coffee Bean/Tea Leaves and San Francisco. For once, put your bluetooth to good use by having it turned on and set to 'Visible' to exchange interesting messages, movies and pictures with senders with names like 'blueboy69', 'cockguy' and 'topmen8'.
  • Green Lotus Cafe: A quiant little place that serves reasonable, but overpriced food, for that perfect gloomy setting to hide your pores, cover up the wrinkles, or some hanky panky under the table. Straight couples have recently invaded this gay hangout, intentionally or otherwise, boosting the business and at the same time, breaking the record of the dunno-what-name gay cafe that survived 13 months before closing down.
  • Blue Boy Disco: This ancient disco, popular amongst the Malays and their admirers, recently underwent a much-needed facelift. Not sure which plastic surgeon was surmmoned, but go check out the result for yourself. There is a shop next to it that sells gay porn as well, if that is your cup of tea. I would rather go interactive with a breathing meat.
  • Day Thermos Sauna: This illusive hangout is pretty much out of the picture amongst frequent visitors of saunas locally. Not sure how they have survived, if they have in fact survived.
  • Say Yes Karaoke: Come witness the congregation of singer wannabes in the epitome of Ah Beng/ Ah Lian culture in its most unpretentious form, complete with LOVE (couples hugging and kissing in celebration of joyous sisterhood), DRAMA (sisters in the midst of catfights over new-found meat), SUSPENSE (aunties reluctantly coaxed onto stage to relive her hey days with fresh renditions of classic chinese songs) and JOY (when it's finally my turn to sing after having waited for 2 hours).
  • Bambusa Sauna: This sleepy sauna which used to be frequented by expired uncles might witness a breath of fresh air in its line-up of clientele with the abrupt shut down of Mirage. Patrons will appreciate it's very central location, if they don't mind having the entire length and breath of road users along busy Jalan Bukit Bintang witnessing them entering the staircase with a greenish loud signboard announcing its presence.
  • Lot 10: Just a collection of labels selling self-glorifying, ego-enhancing, age-defying products before Einstein's relativity theory fails on you.
  • Sungai Wang Plaza: Running out of pretentious things to do? Just cross the road and join the Ah Bengs and Ah Lians who have come from as far as Sungai Siput or Bukit Kayu Hitam to congregate here to satisfy their dressing needs. Flashy handphone covers, made-in-china sourvenirs, graphic tees, stuffy air, bubble tea, and Chinese New Year songs that start to play as early as two months ahead are the norm here.
  • Low Yatt Plaza: When you have had enough of bargain-hunting for IT accesories, drop by the washrooms and check out the peep holes on the wall partitions on the toilet cubicles. Unsuspecting straight technies mostly fresh out of college are eager to put up a good show for you. Or you might just get lucky and land yourself a good slab of meat for dinner. Follow the rainbow signboard and find yourself amidst a treasure throve of the largest collection of gay-themed movies that would only be screened in Malaysia over the dead bodies of our beloved pakciks in the Censorship Board.
  • Frangipani Bar: On Friday nights, come witness a wondrous display of exquisite exhibits in equally elegant poses maintained in (or forcedfully restored to) their most glorious state with breathtaking record-breaking feats including the highest concentration of LV and beauty & cosmetics products, the highest frequency of contact details, gossips and tips exchanged and the highest voltage reading ever recorded in areas outside of the national power grid system.
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DejjaVoo said...

Hey, i'm wondering where is the shop nearby blue boy disco that sells gay porn VCD??

DuDeeY said...

Dude, Im wondering where is the gay porn store nearby blue boy disco??

DuDeeY said...

Eager to find out exact location of shop. Name of shop?Can pls send your answers to Thanks!