Saturday, October 29, 2005

Treasured Find in Low Yatt

What has rainbow colours and features the most complete collection of gay-themed movies that you'd have ever come across in your pathetic queer life in Kuala Lumpur? When you're bored with the peep holes in the toilet, head over here and enter the secluded enclave of the backroom to get your hands on that movie that you heard was making headlines overseas but would never be screened here in Malaysia, unless over the dead bodies of our beloved uncles in the Censorship Board.

And oh, they have a pretty good customer loyalty plan too.

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Anonymous said...

Eager to find out exact location of shop. Which floor? Name of shop? What is meant by "in the secluded enclave of the backroom you will ..." You mean there's hot action going on there?? Can pls send your answers to Thanks!