Monday, October 24, 2005

Mirage is CLOSED! (Updated)

The infamous sauna that has been tirelessly in round-the-clock operation for the past 5 years is now CLOSED!

Valuable sources of information from potential customers-turn-part time reporter told of a notice at the staircase entrance advising customers that Mirage will be closed for anything from six months to a year due to renovation works. No prior notice were given even to the more loyal patrons, paving way for speculations behind the actual reasons behind this ground-breaking news.

Over the next few weeks after the departure of Mirage, the following juicy bits made their rounds amongst the sauna-going crowd:
  • The decision to stop operations was indeed kept within the owners. Unsuspecting staff were gathered around to receive their last paycheck before being asked to bid farewell to their only source of income for the past few years.
  • There were stories of a police report being made by one of the patrons for the loss of RM3,000 in Mirage, leading to an extensive investigation effort which most probably brought the true nature of this 'Health Spa cross Motel' to light.

So what are you up to this Sunday evening?

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