Saturday, November 26, 2005

The KL Pink Districts: Central Market

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  • Chin Woo Swimming Pool: A semi-retired cruising hotspot, frequented mainly by Chinese guys and their admirers, including some regular GWMs who are as old as the ancient pool itself. 'Sleazy' most probably do not do justice to the horrible condition of the shower stalls and changing rooms. Please head elsewhere if you need to get comfortable with your catch.
  • Petaling Street: Commonly known as Chinatown among the gwai lows. If you got lost in search of this place, just look out for a strip of wavy, flimsy, blue-coloured, cheap plastic roof that cost millions of ringgit to build, yet serves no obvious functional purpose. But rain or shine, come here if cheap pirated DVDs, fake Rolex's, immitation handbags do no harm to your ego.
  • Kota Raya Shopping Centre: A legacy gay cruising hotspot that is best left to the museums, yet this place is surprisingly still burstling with activites. Frequented mainly by sleazy-looking horny men in equally sleazy-looking toilets in search of a quick fix on their way to catch a express bus back to Ulu Yam at Pudu Raya.
  • Pasar Seni LRT Station: Sleazy men bored of Kota Raya might drop by at the toilet here in search of unsuspecting fresh meat. Be warned. :D
  • Liquid Disco: A super-pretentious, mega-ostentatious and giga-shallow hangout fit for the super-gorgeous, mega-desirable and giga-cocky men in the length and breath of Peninsula Malaysia. Look out for half-naked hunky musclemen with lotus fingers and loose anus, over-dressed sisters with 10cm thick concealer and squeaky voices, expired uncles in screaming tees and teenage accesories, and the occasionally grandpas eager to show off their 50s dance steps. You won't notice the dirty rich men coz they will be all covered by semi-money boys who work as part-time shampoo girls or cosmetic counter attendants during the day. Take note: The Desirer's arrive before 12midnight, and Desired's after that.
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