Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Houston Skies Are Made of You

I remember my first night in the cold big city. Seems like just yesterday that you made your grand appearance in my dull hotel room. “Welcome to Houston,” you gave me a reassuring hug and I thought I slipped into a dream.

I remember holding hands in the car while you drove me around town. I saw dashing cyclists crossing the road in Montrose, half naked men jogging in Herman Park, and sexy clubbers having coffee at The Village. But most importantly, I saw the most heart-warming face in the whole of US, right here next to me.

I remember holding hands again while watching a movie in the cinema. Your sweaty palms resting on mine, and my wandering fingers lingering amidst yours. Took regular intervals to turn and look at each other. Which movie did we watch again?

I remember the meals we had, American, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Cajun, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. Whatever, as long as I was with you.

I remember us rushing to get ice-cream at 2am on a quiet Sunday morning, and then having to sit by the bench to finish it as the restaurant was closing. You grabbed me to sit closer to you as we braved the cool night breeze together, and laughed as I carelessly got a few drops of melting Mexican vanilla on my shirt. I wish I had told you that the ice cream was not the only thing that was melting at that moment.

I remember the passionate kisses in your car. One session everytime we got on, and another before we got off. You would tolerate no misses, no half-baked emotions, and no short-lived passion that was less than 10secs long.

I remember waking up in the morning in your bed, with your cat staring right at my face. I know he hated me for stealing you away. He have had you for 4 years, and me, a mere 3 weeks. Somewhere in his feline conscious I knew he would have forgiven me.

I remember sinking into your resounding chest as the cold jet descended rapidly down onto the dance floor in South Beach Dance Club. The rapid 20 degrees drop of temperature meant nothing, with your heart beating next to mine. Sexy half-naked Latinos eager to catch my attention, but my eyes remained fixated on you. I thought I heard you say you would never let me go.

And then, I remember the chaotic scene at the departure hall. The whole of Houston were there, trying to catch the last few flights out of the city right in the path of Hurricane Rita. No tearful goodbye, no extended hugs and kisses. (I had so waited for this moment). But you had to stay home to prepare for the worst. I understand.

And so a thousand-mile journey was just now coming to an end. For the full three weeks, I thought this was my life, and you were my soul. Braving KL never existed; Braving Houston was not necessary because you were right there with me. As the Boeing 747 slowly taxied onto the runway, I took one last glance of the gloomy overcast Houston sky and imagined you waving at me from the departure hall.

There is no place like home, but I left my heart in a city called Houston.

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Braving Rita

"Hurricane Rita's rapid intensification cycle that began Tuesday afternoon continues. Top winds are up to 165 mph, now a category 5 hurricane. Further strengthening is possible as the atmosphere remains favorable for development over the next 24 hours."

  • Landfall of Rita in Houston: Friday, 8:15pm estimated
  • Departure of BravingKL from Houston: Thursday, 10:40am

To continue enjoying juicy stories of the gay scene in KL, please pray for me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005





Tuesday, September 20, 2005



Monday, September 19, 2005

Attack Of The 7 Inch Meat

South Beach Dance Club at 11:08pm on a Saturday night, right in the heart of Montrose, the city’s premiere hangout was the gayest place in town. At the entrance, a painstakingly slow age verification and payment process ensured eager patrons were kept slowly trickling in, so that a resulting long line that extended around the building quickly reinforced the popularity the place.

Two professional Latino dancers, beautifully structured, and clad only in a scanty velvety pink g-strings, were slowly swaying their bodies to the music. Notes of 5s, 10s even 20s, a contribution from admirers, were folded nicely against the spaghetti-thin straps. It definitely pays to be sexy. Got quickly chauffeured deeper in before I could drool any further.

Half naked servers scurried around serving up drinks for patrons who had thirst themselves silly shouting at their top of their voice amidst the loud thumping music, but the pool was where the heartbeat of the club lied. Managed to squeeze into a tasty mix of Caucasians, Latinos, Blacks, Asians, and everything in between as we started to bring our engines up to the beat.

In the midst of a Kylie's item, two half naked Latino muscle uncles started inching closer, and before I could say ‘Hola’, found myself sandwiched in an awkward position between the two very warm, swaying and sweaty bodies. The one behind me breathed down my neck, and I felt a pinch on my right bum. Turned around and got my left bum squeezed! CJ watched amusedly as the Latino Attack continued, I was lucky I did not get stripped, he told me later.

Closed my eyes as the next tune moved in. More attacks came and went, but the sights and sounds were too much to bear, and I thought I sunk deeper into the dream.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Biggest Irony In Life

  • 23 x Parmesan fried shrimps: Parmesan coated succulent shrimps friend to crispy perfection and lightly seasoned, and served with cheese tortellini
  • 8 x Coconut crunchy shrimps: Juicy shrimps rolled in fresh coconut, fried to perfection and served with sauteed spinach
  • 9 x Shrimp En Brochette: Bacon wrapped shrimps stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and crabmeat, and brushed with a chipotle barbecue sauce
  • 48 x French fries
  • 1 slab of Asian coleslaw
  • 1 serving of Rice pilaf


  • 1 glass of Diet Coke

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


If I have not worked for this company
If I have not received an approval for this trip
If I have not boarded the plane
If I have not clicked on you in the chatroom that night
If I have not existed

If you have not migrated to this country
If you have not moved to this city
If you have not stayed up so late to be in the chatroom that night
If you have not agreed to spend the night with me
If you have not existed

If we have not met
If we have not met
If we have not met
If we have not met


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"You Won't Be Alone, I'll Be With You"

Detached from the place I grew up in and the people I grew close to, I still feel I'm dreaming when you say those words. The Hurricane Katrina evacuees don't seem as intimidating anymore, the prime cut steak looks more welcoming, and driving on the right side of the road seems second nature.

What good deeds have I done to deserve you?


Saturday, September 10, 2005

2 Against 1953631

City: Houston, Texas
Population: 1,953,631
Number of gay saunas: 2

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Furthest Gay Sauna from Home

In the furthest gay sauna that I have ever been from home, things are not as different as I thought they are.

They have dimly lit mazes too, though the addition of glory holes on the wall partitions, jailroom and sling for your S&M pleasures, a decent size swimming pool, cedar wood benches in the dry sauna, and constant showing of hot, steamy movies make for some interesting variations to life.

Along the corridors, a pride parade marches on, as they do back home. But the intentional over-exposure of eager members, with an statistically-averaged 7" size (witnessed and verified), spread across an international buffet of Caucasians, Latinos, Blacks and Asians, are virtually unheard of back home.

And as I get laid by this charming Italiano tastier and more fiery than a jalapeno pizza, I thought I felt a hint of the repulsive yet addictive lingering smell of Mirage.

But I am really in Midtowne Spa, the furthest gay sauna that I have ever been from home.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Alone in a big, strange city. Why would I ever think this is exciting?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Piece of Houston Sky

Wandered around downtown for three hours to find this perfect piece of sky. Spoken only to the cashier at Subway where I had my lunch. Munched down a baked cheese burger while watching a pigeon frantically danced around in search of food by the window. Made a mental note to bring along some chilli sauce next time.

Welcome to Houston!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Braving La La Land

1am, Departure Gate 62, Los Angeles International Airport. The travelling crowd hustled along the walkways as I sat on the cold mosaic floor against the wall by the edge. Faye Wong’s music piping through my earphones, but the comforting voice didn’t help offset the vast distance I felt with this chilly and unfamiliar place. I had travelled more than 12 hours by plane to here, yet I was another 3 hours away from my final destination.

Held on tight to the Starbucks frappucino in my hand, they don’t have Dome or San Francisco here in the States. The blended ice was fast melting but I couldn’t bear to take another sip of this calorie bomb, they made it just too sweet.

The passengers seemed bored waiting for boarding time, Caucasians, Blacks, Latinos and everything in between, mostly in Nike (didn’t raise my head high enough to see what they’re wearing above the knee), and almost always overweight. And then I noticed a few Asians. Wanted to sit closer to them but there were no more seats nearby. I was held back too long at the Immigrations, though the last time I checked myself in the mirror, I don’t look anything like a terrorist.

But then I guess I don’t look anything like a rich kid as well, coz the ground staff kept shoving me back to the Economy line and looked doubtful when I showed them my Business Class boarding pass. I will have my camera ready to capture the expression yet again when I board this next flight as a First Class passenger.

Found a shop that was still open, and bought two bars of Hershey’s to change the USD50 notes that I had. Very kind of her, the cashier. Thought my stomach was grumbling silly, but I didn’t feel like eating, so I stuff the chocolate into my bag. They most probably won’t last till my trip back home three weeks later, but I’ll get Mum something nicer.

Hummed along as the next tune filled my ears. It’s been more than 15 hours, just testing that I still know how to speak Mandarin.

I miss home already…

BravingKL, signing off from la la land.