Thursday, September 01, 2005

Braving La La Land

1am, Departure Gate 62, Los Angeles International Airport. The travelling crowd hustled along the walkways as I sat on the cold mosaic floor against the wall by the edge. Faye Wong’s music piping through my earphones, but the comforting voice didn’t help offset the vast distance I felt with this chilly and unfamiliar place. I had travelled more than 12 hours by plane to here, yet I was another 3 hours away from my final destination.

Held on tight to the Starbucks frappucino in my hand, they don’t have Dome or San Francisco here in the States. The blended ice was fast melting but I couldn’t bear to take another sip of this calorie bomb, they made it just too sweet.

The passengers seemed bored waiting for boarding time, Caucasians, Blacks, Latinos and everything in between, mostly in Nike (didn’t raise my head high enough to see what they’re wearing above the knee), and almost always overweight. And then I noticed a few Asians. Wanted to sit closer to them but there were no more seats nearby. I was held back too long at the Immigrations, though the last time I checked myself in the mirror, I don’t look anything like a terrorist.

But then I guess I don’t look anything like a rich kid as well, coz the ground staff kept shoving me back to the Economy line and looked doubtful when I showed them my Business Class boarding pass. I will have my camera ready to capture the expression yet again when I board this next flight as a First Class passenger.

Found a shop that was still open, and bought two bars of Hershey’s to change the USD50 notes that I had. Very kind of her, the cashier. Thought my stomach was grumbling silly, but I didn’t feel like eating, so I stuff the chocolate into my bag. They most probably won’t last till my trip back home three weeks later, but I’ll get Mum something nicer.

Hummed along as the next tune filled my ears. It’s been more than 15 hours, just testing that I still know how to speak Mandarin.

I miss home already…

BravingKL, signing off from la la land.

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