Saturday, December 31, 2005

Shower Your Head

Amidst much fanfare, thanks to a very well-organised marketing and promotional plan, BravingKL officially welcomes Mandi Manda as the newest member to be listed on the KL sauna directory.

Armed with an impressive line-up of features (among those that stood out was ‘private cabins’) and broadcasting unmistakably overly-pompous and courageous value propositions (such as KL’s new playground for the boys and men’s cruise spa regenerated), anticipation and expectations inevitably shot sky-high.

Perhaps a tad too high.

We have actually run out of lockers,” exclaimed the front-desk staff. The first day’s turn-out was grossly under-estimated, and many customers who arrived two hours after opening time had to pack their belongings in little travel bags instead.

A quick inspection on the facilities spread across the 3 floors rapidly sent hopes and wishes tumbling down. This new sauna was undeniably new, but here is a list of things it was not:

"Luxurious Seated Rain Baths"
With rough unfinished cement floor and partitions, flimsy-looking shower curtains, now-you-get-it-now-you-don’t hot water, and a miserable bottle of shower gel that was almost running out, the only thing luxurious about the showers was perhaps the volume of water gushing out from the shower heads above, which was strategically placed to effortlessly bring distraught to your perfectly gelled hair. With the absence of an open shower area, the exhibitionist in you who are dying to show off your bubbly bums after a month’s worth of sweat in the gym would be grossly disappointed with the lack of deserving exposure. What about seated bath you ask? I think that equally rough and unfinished slab of raised cement (which was where the shower gel was placed, and was collecting undrained foamy residues from previous occupants) was meant as a seat.

"Multimedia Lounge"
In a roomy area with rough unfinished cement floor and walls (you get the idea), come bore yourself watching the 88th rerun of Great Vacation Homes served on a plasma screen that is permanently programmed to air Astro’s Travel and Living channel. Hang out a bit longer to complete the sight and sound with snores from tired uncles sleeping on the sofas, and peels of laughter from fellow sisters who have found themselves a nice spot to congregate at the walkway outside the lounge for the lack of a better location. Truly the ultimate multimedia experience.

"Private Cabins"
The cabins are indeed a sight to behold. Placed in each of the tiny rooms built with rough unfinished cement floor and walls (ok ok, you get the idea) is the most awe-inspiring piece of furniture ever seen since IKEA opened its door in 1 Utama many years ago. It would be perfectly normal if found in beauty centers offering facial skincare treatment, massage and body slimming courses, but this thick
piece of single-sized mattress punched with a hole right where the face should go and raised to impossible heights with four long steel legs, looks comically out of place in a world where hormones rage and cum stains conquer. Acrophobics should think twice before climbing onto one of these with their new-found meat.

"Group Activity Room"
Two decent-sized rooms which are equally empty, stuffy, a tad too bright and expectedly, deserted. Mosquitoes have group activities here, indeed.

"GH Room"
I know for sure it does not stand for General Hospital.

Another piece of equally awe-inspiring furniture can be found here. Savaged from the remains of Restaurant Mamak Abu Bakar down the street which had just closed down two weeks ago, this steel monster, its shiny shelves, compartments and all, conjures too much memories of its previous existence. “Boss, magee goreng satu!” Oops, I meant to say, “Is that cup of hot tea free of charge?

Welcome to the family, Mandi Manda.

Mirage Is Reopening Soon?

The sauna community is abuzz again with confirmation from eye witnesses relating personal accounts of recent visits to Mirage that hinted of what appeared to be renovation works progressing within the compounds of this sauna. A short visit to the now virtually deserted carpark area revealed a new signboard proudly announcing its presence, something that seemed completely unnecessary given Mirage’s unrivalled fame and reputation. The façade has been given a much-needed new coat of paint, and a mysterious set of door has sprung up besides the old entrance, which is now bearing a piece of A4 paper, proclaiming that Mirage will reopen in December.

And we have reached the last day of this month?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dear God,

(to be read in one breath)

In the new year to come, please give me the courage to resist the overly addictive lure of physical gratifications afforded by the numerous dim corridors, misty steam rooms, dark mazes and tiny private rooms around town, but blind my vision to the true agenda of guys who roam them; please rescue my tired soul from the constant overly-undiscriminating need to seek attention and affection to prove my worth and justify my existence, and rescue any unsuspecting men whom I have brought grievances and sorrow to in the process; please enlighten me on the true meaning of the illusive word LOVE, but bring me oblivion on hurtful remarks, selfish gestures, and cruel intentions; please help me treasure the beautiful moments and wonderful people that I have been blessed with, but let me leave behind periods of withdrawals, self-doubts and self-denials.


Monday, December 26, 2005

A Very Hearty Meal

Suria KLCC recently welcomed Little Penang to its line-up of F&B tenants. Highlights on the menu include, for the price of RM9.90 (excluding taxes), the Penang Nasi Lemak, that comes with a giant smack of mushy rice ball and unidentified lumps of this and that, served on a disproportionately-sized giant white plate.

Let's all welcome Little Penang and hope that the various inadequacies that befell its ill-fated previous tenant, House of Noodle, shall remain a thing of the past, history, departed for good, vanished into thin air, zipped.

Sungai Wang Snow Fight Turned Ugly

Click for a super low-res, grainy and shaky video capture of the Christmas eve snow fight in Sungai Wang, featuring:
  • Horny Ah Bengs attacking unsuspecting passers-by (mostly Ah Lians) with confetti and synthetic snow spray.
  • Unruly Ah Bengs spraying synthetic snow on windscreens of passing vehicles and raising the wipers at the same time to avoid premature removal of their work of art.
  • Angry Ah Bengs ganging up to attack a motorcyclist who had forced his way through the spill of crowd from sidewalks onto the road.
  • Uncultured Ah Bengs cursing in Hokkien four-letter words equivalent as a mean to express excitement for being a part of this grand celebration, never mind that they are all Buddhists and had absolutely no blinking idea how to even spell the word 'Christmas' correctly.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The KL Pink Districts: Old Klang Road

Click on image for larger view

  • Kuala Lumpur celebrates the arrival of the latest pink district to hit town: Old Klang Road, with the opening of Mandi Manda sauna.
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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dear Tae,

The moment our eyes met, I had to confess it was just like any other encounters that I had had. That first day of my trip, that first visit to the sauna on this trip, and that first venture into the maze during this sauna visit, it was all it took to lead me to you, didn’t matter how it all fell into place. Perhaps you have been standing there for time immemorial, or perhaps it was just fate.

The moment our lips met, I confess again it was just like any other kisses that I had had. Against the faint light of the lightly-scented private room, Christmas carols playing in the background and all, I grasped, in vain, for a piece of memory that would stood out, only to find them drown in a hundred and one similarly bland episodes of foreplay and climax. Perhaps it was just me, and my expectations, exhausted from the constant replays of hope and disappointments.

But you pushed further, beyond the four walls of the tiny, freezing room, beyond the obligatory brief hug before leaving the room and beyond the soaping session in the open showers. I was waiting to say “Take care and see you around” but the only time you left was to fetch me some drinks that were being served free from the dining area.

In the sofa area by the pool, I fought hard to keep your relentless spirit at bay, only to find my defenses unarmed and my protective shell stripped. Suddenly the other guys seemed to have lost their appeal, was that the moment our hearts met?

That night in DJ Station, it was the tenth time Madonna’s new track spinned. You held me in your arms and asked if you could see me again. I meant to say this was not how I had planned my 10-day trip, but did I just kiss you instead?

So the emotional chaos intensified out of proportion and to my dismay you became a permanent feature of my trip. On our way back from the Floating Market, you pulled me to rest my head on your laps in the van, as I looked up to your face I tried to focus on how you had carelessly swept your hair over your forehead, but caught sight of your dreamy eyes instead. When you rushed over from your office to meet me at MBK, I noted the sorry state of your shoes and your briefcase and thought I could not survive another look at that, but I also noted the drenched shirt and wet forehead from the run in the sun, and how your face broke into a smile when you saw me. At the local market where I accompanied you for lunch, I convinced myself I needed too much adjustment for us to appreciate the same things together, then you hummed me that recent Thai pop that had stucked to my head for many months.

I tried my best not to think of you, I think I tried to hard.

And so we found ourselves at the hotel lobby, the last day of my trip. I did not tell you my heart was aching for a farewell hug and kiss. (My Thai needs improving, I know.) You said “I miss me.” I think you really meant “I miss you.” It turned out to be the simplest and shortest of goodbyes, but I recalled the longest climb up the staircase to my hotel room. My last sight of you standing by the lobby entrance reluctant to leave, got played again and again in my head, and then my feet became increasingly heavy as I took yet another step upwards, yet another little distance further away from you, away from the memories of time spent with you, away from your eyes, your lips and your heart.

I heard it was colder than usual after I left, it rained quite abit here in KL too. This message that you sent me, I promise to keep it in my phone.

"The raining heavily there in kuala lumpur. It is cold here to bangkok. How far ? But i miss you."

Nevermind the English, I got you.

But where do we go from here?


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mirage Is Back?

Just as sudden as its closure, words have it that Mirage has miraculously reopened. While I am still stucked trying to fight the disbelief, you may want to drop by and verify this piece of news.

And let me know if you managed to gain any insight into the excuse given for the previous display of seemingly utter disrespect for its customers, however remotely convincing/believable it may seem.

A Map of Indulgence: Kakiku

With its trademark odd angles, blind corners and mindless, useless empty spaces, Kakiku is the epitome of the effects of poor planning and lack of customer insight. What an awful waste of space.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mandi Manda Is Coming To Town

Time to open up the locked private rooms, Kakiku.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Memoirs Of An Agogo Boy

How could I forget my first taste of alcohol. Amidst blinding spotlights, deafening disco music, and the smoke-choked bar, I thought it helped lessen the nervousness of facing a hundred pairs of eyes packed in sofas and chairs surrounding me, scrutinising every inch of my body that was now clad in just a white underwear, as I swayed awkwardly on stage to the beat. Underneath the thin sheet of material was my artificially stimulated member, veiny and almost ready to spring into instant action. It seemed I had got used to the constant piercing pain of restricted blood flow cause by the cock ring, and was actually ready to show my potential buyer a few naughty moves, or a seductive smile, or an innocent giggle, if that would catch his fancy. And then I checked again to make sure that the card announcing my number was securely pinned to my undies.

How could I forget the stunt we used to put up. Jerking off used to be more fun back then, but it was done now (complete with boy scouts uniforms and cowboy hats) as proof of our assets for careful consideration of the observers, as a form of entertainment in the name of survival, and as a testimony that the performer had now been reduced to mere machines and tools to satisfy every possible desire and fantasy of those who were willing to spend on us. And then when I was ready to cum, I would raise my left hand, walk out of the line and as the crowd cheered, prayed that it would be a less flustered climax the next day.

How could I forget the long wait for my first customer. Those endless replays of joining the parade on stage followed by the inevitable solitary existence on rows of chair packed with eager boys while we sit and waited (normally in vain) for Mama to return with good news that a customer had picked our numbers. It was a startling realisation of a life where battles were fought over precious attention and admiration, a potpourri of gossips, lies, deception and betrayal. There were simply too many of us against too little of the customers who came in hope of fulfilment of a night’s worth of fantasy role-play, rather than to attend an eye-opening, once-in-a-lifetime performance.

How could I then forget the first time I got fucked. He was a businessman, late 40s, balding, beer belly but I remembered having my fascination fed off his gold watch, diamond ring and designer suites. So I told him he looked dashing, and he tore my clothes off like a vulture freed from starvation. Every thrust tore my guts but helped feed my family back home; every submission shattered my pride but restored education and dignity to my deserving siblings; every wound healed to a scar but brought hope to an otherwise bleak future. At times when the pain became too excruciating to bear, I had flashbacks of my childhood life and I thought I was given the chance to relive that again, and then he climaxed and collapsed on my body.

The mirror ball seemed to be revolving abit faster tonight. My eyes kept getting blinded momentarily from the light that bounced off it. I think I had never swayed so well, ever. On the agogo stage, just like the stage of life, it meant the world to break apart. For now, however, I would just close my eyes and enjoy the music.

And then I would wait for Mama to call my number again.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The KL Pink Districts: Setapak

Click on image for higher resolution
  • Celsius Sauna: This cramped, disorganised, college students-infested neighbourhood recently celebrated its inclusion into the line-up of pink districts in KL, with the opening of Celsius Sauna. Managed by the same owners of Manatus and Steamworks, come with no expectations and you may just be pleasantly surprised.
  • Diamond Massage: Tucked in a secluded corner is the sole gay massage outlet in the length and breath of Gombak and Setapak. Tell me your experience if you have been there before.
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The KL Pink Districts: Kelana Jaya

Click on images for higher resolution
  • Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool: As the Tun Razak pool is to Cheras folks, and Chin Woo is to the Chinatown downtown folks, the epicenter of gay activities for PJ folks is the Kelana Jaya swimming pool. Discretion is of the utmost importance amidst schools of children and unsuspecting straight couples sharing the facilities. It is not hard to conclude though, that guys who pay RM3 to hang around in the changing room or bounce about at the edge of the pool have anything but swimming in their agenda.
  • Kelana Jaya Park: When the straight crowd gets too overwhelming, the frusfrated horny ones, eager to get off weeks-worth of load, conveniently hop over to the adjoining park to continue their cruise, reinforcing yet again the symbiotic relationship of pools and parks. Definitely not as crowded as Tun Razak, you must be warned too that gay men talked about the legend of a murdered gay victim floating on the lake as often as topics of beauty, skincare and fashion.
  • Steamworks Sauna: From the same owner of Manatus and Celsius, comes another recent addition of small scale, low-turnout, poorly equipped and sometimes ill-maintained sauna for the convenience of PJ folks who would rather bear with all these inadequacies than to getting lost driving to saunas in other areas while braving the KL notorious traffic jams.

The KL Pink Districts: Jalan Ipoh

Click on image for higher resolution

The KL Pink Districts: Chow Kit

Click on image for higher resolution
  • Otot-Otot Sauna: Amidst sleazy karaoke pubs, run-down massage parlours and filthy back lanes, lies the crown jewel of KL's sauna scene. Come home to a tastefully refurbished courtyard area complete with koi pond and jacuzzi in a lush and quaint setting. Internet-enabled PCs running at a legacy dial-up speed of 28.8kbps and processor speed of 250Mhz reinforces heart-felt message of the owners that you don't pay RM35 to surf the Web in a gay sauna. The owners would also like to ensure that your experience are made more memorable with sex on cold, hard and wet tiled toilet floors, which most conveniently for them, are far more easier to maintain than the mattress and wooden flooring of Mirage. Popular time slots are weekend evenings.

The KL Pink Districts: Central Market

Click on image for higher resolution
  • Chin Woo Swimming Pool: A semi-retired cruising hotspot, frequented mainly by Chinese guys and their admirers, including some regular GWMs who are as old as the ancient pool itself. 'Sleazy' most probably do not do justice to the horrible condition of the shower stalls and changing rooms. Please head elsewhere if you need to get comfortable with your catch.
  • Petaling Street: Commonly known as Chinatown among the gwai lows. If you got lost in search of this place, just look out for a strip of wavy, flimsy, blue-coloured, cheap plastic roof that cost millions of ringgit to build, yet serves no obvious functional purpose. But rain or shine, come here if cheap pirated DVDs, fake Rolex's, immitation handbags do no harm to your ego.
  • Kota Raya Shopping Centre: A legacy gay cruising hotspot that is best left to the museums, yet this place is surprisingly still burstling with activites. Frequented mainly by sleazy-looking horny men in equally sleazy-looking toilets in search of a quick fix on their way to catch a express bus back to Ulu Yam at Pudu Raya.
  • Pasar Seni LRT Station: Sleazy men bored of Kota Raya might drop by at the toilet here in search of unsuspecting fresh meat. Be warned. :D
  • Liquid Disco: A super-pretentious, mega-ostentatious and giga-shallow hangout fit for the super-gorgeous, mega-desirable and giga-cocky men in the length and breath of Peninsula Malaysia. Look out for half-naked hunky musclemen with lotus fingers and loose anus, over-dressed sisters with 10cm thick concealer and squeaky voices, expired uncles in screaming tees and teenage accesories, and the occasionally grandpas eager to show off their 50s dance steps. You won't notice the dirty rich men coz they will be all covered by semi-money boys who work as part-time shampoo girls or cosmetic counter attendants during the day. Take note: The Desirer's arrive before 12midnight, and Desired's after that.
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The KL Pink Districts: Cheras/Tun Razak

Click on image for higher resolution

  • Lost World: Just a stone's throw away from Miharja, this recently upgraded Park, offically called Taman Tasik Permaisuri, transforms from the perfect venue for picnics and jogging to the perfect venue for cruising and cumming right after sunset. Activities peak around midnight. Too afraid of robbers and the police, go to the saunas or hang out online, you wimp! :D
  • Tun Razak Swimming Pool: The park lends a big part of its history to this venue. Horny 'swimmers' who failed to find a good catch at the edge of the pool or in the showers and lockers proceed to the park, paving the way to the latter's popularity after dark.
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The KL Pink Districts: Cheras/Jalan Cheras

Click on image for higher resolution
  • Massage houses: A relatively new soft spot for this collection of recently added outlets to expand on the line-up of options to spend your hard earn money.
  • Kakiku Sauna: Emerging from amongst the massage houses comes this latest wonder to hit the local sauna scene after an abrupt end to Mirage. Come and decide how long it should top the popularity chart.
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The KL Pink Districts: Cheras/Miharja

Click on image for higher resolution

  • Normal or Bukak?: Springing up faster than mushrooms after a rainy night, these massage outlets have never seen better business and are expanding like crazy. At any one time, 5 or more outlets, spread across a mere 4 rows of shophouses, are competing for your attention and money. Can't find your masseur of choice? Just walk over to the next one! Spoilt for choice? Start with the Thai boys.
  • Miharja Condos: A large population of the Cheras queer cuties are rumoured to dwell here. Hang out at the mamak stalls to catch them after a night's worth of clubbing (or cruising).
  • Manatus Sauna: Sick of watching semi-disgusted expressions of straight guys jerking you off after a massage session? Drop by Manatus and try your luck with the line-up of good old queer buddies instead. Of course, when survival & money is out of the window, in comes pride, rejection, hope and pain. Tell me which one you prefer.
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The KL Pink Districts: Bukit Bintang

Click on images for higher resolution

  • Cafes: It's considered the IN thing to be seen chatting with fellow sisters over a cup of overpriced cappucino or frappucino while browsing fashion magazines on weekend afternoons or at night, while waiting for the clubbing scene to heat up. Check out what's hot and what's not, who's in and who's out as a steady flow of meat sashay their way along the walkways. Popular outlets are Dome, Coffee Bean/Tea Leaves and San Francisco. For once, put your bluetooth to good use by having it turned on and set to 'Visible' to exchange interesting messages, movies and pictures with senders with names like 'blueboy69', 'cockguy' and 'topmen8'.
  • Green Lotus Cafe: A quiant little place that serves reasonable, but overpriced food, for that perfect gloomy setting to hide your pores, cover up the wrinkles, or some hanky panky under the table. Straight couples have recently invaded this gay hangout, intentionally or otherwise, boosting the business and at the same time, breaking the record of the dunno-what-name gay cafe that survived 13 months before closing down.
  • Blue Boy Disco: This ancient disco, popular amongst the Malays and their admirers, recently underwent a much-needed facelift. Not sure which plastic surgeon was surmmoned, but go check out the result for yourself. There is a shop next to it that sells gay porn as well, if that is your cup of tea. I would rather go interactive with a breathing meat.
  • Day Thermos Sauna: This illusive hangout is pretty much out of the picture amongst frequent visitors of saunas locally. Not sure how they have survived, if they have in fact survived.
  • Say Yes Karaoke: Come witness the congregation of singer wannabes in the epitome of Ah Beng/ Ah Lian culture in its most unpretentious form, complete with LOVE (couples hugging and kissing in celebration of joyous sisterhood), DRAMA (sisters in the midst of catfights over new-found meat), SUSPENSE (aunties reluctantly coaxed onto stage to relive her hey days with fresh renditions of classic chinese songs) and JOY (when it's finally my turn to sing after having waited for 2 hours).
  • Bambusa Sauna: This sleepy sauna which used to be frequented by expired uncles might witness a breath of fresh air in its line-up of clientele with the abrupt shut down of Mirage. Patrons will appreciate it's very central location, if they don't mind having the entire length and breath of road users along busy Jalan Bukit Bintang witnessing them entering the staircase with a greenish loud signboard announcing its presence.
  • Lot 10: Just a collection of labels selling self-glorifying, ego-enhancing, age-defying products before Einstein's relativity theory fails on you.
  • Sungai Wang Plaza: Running out of pretentious things to do? Just cross the road and join the Ah Bengs and Ah Lians who have come from as far as Sungai Siput or Bukit Kayu Hitam to congregate here to satisfy their dressing needs. Flashy handphone covers, made-in-china sourvenirs, graphic tees, stuffy air, bubble tea, and Chinese New Year songs that start to play as early as two months ahead are the norm here.
  • Low Yatt Plaza: When you have had enough of bargain-hunting for IT accesories, drop by the washrooms and check out the peep holes on the wall partitions on the toilet cubicles. Unsuspecting straight technies mostly fresh out of college are eager to put up a good show for you. Or you might just get lucky and land yourself a good slab of meat for dinner. Follow the rainbow signboard and find yourself amidst a treasure throve of the largest collection of gay-themed movies that would only be screened in Malaysia over the dead bodies of our beloved pakciks in the Censorship Board.
  • Frangipani Bar: On Friday nights, come witness a wondrous display of exquisite exhibits in equally elegant poses maintained in (or forcedfully restored to) their most glorious state with breathtaking record-breaking feats including the highest concentration of LV and beauty & cosmetics products, the highest frequency of contact details, gossips and tips exchanged and the highest voltage reading ever recorded in areas outside of the national power grid system.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Love Bite

A love bite, administered at the height of passion, not on the comfort of a fluffy bed, but against a hard, cold and wet tiled wall of a dimly lit toilet cubicle; not carelessly placed on the vulnerable skin on the neck so as to cause embarrassment, but thoughtfully dispensed on the tender yet firm flesh on the butt, to conceal it from undeserving attention.

A love bite, with its surrounding blood vessels sucked to destruction, yet existence is subtle like the lingering perfume of faceless strangers by the street, like the quiet fluttering of butterflies amongst roses in full bloom, but at times, apparent like the certain, though faint, throbbing of an infant’s heart, like the intense and incessant flickering of a light bulb gone mad.

A love bite, an intentional poison, an evil plan, a wicked arrangement, to extend physical complications beyond expiry. It forms a reminder to facilitate easy, though often undesirable, reminiscence of a vivid, intimate, episode from the not-so-distant past, from the recently concluded ending, and for the victim to quietly savour, yet again, pleasure long lost, contentment long gone, delight long vanished.

A love bite, gradually it fades away, as with all short-lived memories. Burst blood vessels heal, intimacy gone, feelings put down, heart is mend, hurt is forgotten. Soon, the skin is clear again, and the victim emerged unfazed, unperturbed, untroubled, and is ready to brave the world once more.

A love bite ...

A love ...

A ...



Bambusa: A Map of Indulgence

Lower Level:

Upper Level:

Click on image for larger view.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The New Queen of Sauna

In yet another wave of change, the KL pink sauna scene is set abuzz again with the addition of yet another contender, apparently a strong one too. Emerging from amongst the massage houses in Cheras comes Kakiku, freshly renovated and eager to capitalize on the extra pink dollar from the void left by the sudden departure of Mirage. With an attractive line-up of special activities up its sleeve such as foam parties and naked nights, many of Mirage’s regulars are now marking their next available Sundays to check out the hype, and hopefully relieve some pressure off their cum bags who are just now encountering record-breaking fullness.

Occupying a single floor space of a few shophouses combined, Kakiku certainly packs potential. The eagerness to climb to the top of the sauna popularity chart is quite evident from the line-up of very customer-centric staff, effort to generate excitement with special scheduled activities, an acceptable level of cleanliness, properly air-conditioned environment and a constant supply of consumables (chinese tea, water, mints, soap, hairgel etc).

But then, we are, still, around 2 light years away from the saunas in our beloved neighbouring countries:

  • Poor planning means an awful waste of space and potential. Some rooms and facilities are obviously underutilized because of ill-anticipated intent, or it could be just that the management has simply ran out of money for further renovation.
  • No private rooms (unless you are willing to pay extra) and a relatively bright common dark room means all indescribable acts have to be executed in the privacy of wet and cold toilet stalls, or held back until after eight when the dark room opens.
  • Not enough cruising spots for the golden opportunity to grab the meat of your desire.
  • 'Foam Party' should rightly be renamed just 'Foam Shower' instead.

In the absence of a more deserving candidate, one month and 5 days after the departure of Mirage, I now declare Kakiku as the new Queen of Saunas.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Celsius: A Map of (Potential) Indulgence

Click on image for larger view

In an interesting twist of events post Mirage days, the sauna waves finally arrive in Setapak. Nestled amongst the hustle of the busy shophouses strip along Jalan Genting Klang, this month-old hangout still have alot of catching up to do as most of the facilities on offer are down to the bare basics, its only saving grace being the open air showers.

I'm sure the two other uncle patrons who were around at that time would raise their feet in approval too.

Right now, I rate it a luke warm 30 degree celsius.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Which World Do You Live In?

In The Ideal World:

(click for larger view)

In The Not-So-Ideal World:

(click for larger view)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Towel Club Superstars

Mr Malaysia:
Armed with a sexy heart-shaped patch of chest hair on his toned body, Mr Malaysia made his presence felt with the slightest effort. One clean sweep and I found myself buried in his tight embrace, bringing my orientation tour for my newbie sisters around Singapore’s most happening sauna to a premature end. Exuding earthly charms was his unassuming smile and his unpretentious form of English that was miraculously spared from any Singlish influences despite having lived and worked there for 15 years. We joked, wrestled and exchanged massage tips but I had to stop him from breaking into a full-fledged presentation of the latest Cantopop from Leo Ku right there in the room amidst peals of moanings and sighings from the other rooms. Mr Malaysia left early to join his friends in a karaoke joint, I think I still have a strand of his chest hair stucked somewhere between my teeth.

Mr Singapore:
Mr Singapore’s opening line was “This is so interesting!” after having sprung out from around a dark corner, grabbed me by my arm and successfully pinned me against the wall. Stark naked butts and crotches (partially-hidden by semi-reluctant hands) wandering about the corridors were indeed a sight to behold, but his child-like enthusiasm reminiscent of a kid tasting ice cream for the first time didn’t quite go well with his mature and hunky outlook. Further probing (heavily punctuated by kissing, hugging and licking) in the privacy of a room confirmed my conclusion of a first-time visitor to the newly discovered secret pleasures of a world too wild even for his dreams. This was his way of celebrating his newfound freedom from an exhausting 5-year-old relationship, he explained. I was interested to find out if the break-up was the reason for this sauna visit, or perhaps it’s really the sauna visit that was the reason for the break-up. (Or he may be still attached, and his partner just now busy preparing dinner for him at home). The only obvious truth at that point in time was that he was new, and that we were having a passionate time together. I found him still wandering about at the lockers area as the crowd dwindled to the pathetic remaining few. Good luck with sauna life, Mr Singapore.

Mr Thailand:
While the other contestants relied heavily on sheer muscle power to land their meal, Mr Thailand delivered his killer blow with just a smile revealing a set of clean white teeth on a face so overflowing with boyish charms it’s heart-breaking to tear my sight off it. This age-old lethal combination worked quickly to unarm all defences and rendered the victim too helpless to call for backup. As I laid there being devoured by my prey, I remembered utilising my mental capacities to conjure up at least this Thai phrase which had miraculously stick on despite having learnt how to say it almost six months ago: “Yin Dee Tee Dai Roo Jak Koon”, which basically means “Nice to meet you.” Of course, if I had paid more attention during my online Thai lessons, it would definitely be more appropriate to say “Nice to be eaten by you.”

Mr Hong Kong:
Minus the dark-framed specs, Mr Hong Kong stroke an uncanny resemblance to a colleague I used to have a crush on. His thick hongkie English accent, however, should be almost impossible to imitate. As I kissed his lips and ran my fingers into his thick spiky hair, I thought I asked if he knew I was secretly admiring him from behind the queue in the office cafeteria, or across the shelf in the convenience store, or from among the morning rush hour crowd in the elevator. Perhaps these are answers I will not hear, but at least I got to ask it straight at the face of someone who looked like him. After we’re done, Mr Hong Kong continued to hold on to me as we caught our breath against the wall watching the crowd wandered along the corridors of the dimly lit maze. For once, I felt like going to work again.

While on the bus back to KL, I saw the most magnificient sunset and imagined myself in the arms of my superstars all over again.

BRAVEHEART [89][90][91][92]

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Off To Singaland

(Author is currently busy savouring delicacies from the south. Erm, minus the bumps, please.)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Treasured Find in Low Yatt

What has rainbow colours and features the most complete collection of gay-themed movies that you'd have ever come across in your pathetic queer life in Kuala Lumpur? When you're bored with the peep holes in the toilet, head over here and enter the secluded enclave of the backroom to get your hands on that movie that you heard was making headlines overseas but would never be screened here in Malaysia, unless over the dead bodies of our beloved uncles in the Censorship Board.

And oh, they have a pretty good customer loyalty plan too.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Counting the Days

  • to stop counting the days

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


有些人,因为秃头干脆将头发剃光好让年纪减轻半载 - 值得
有些人,因为一段几小时邂逅故事痛苦地追求跨国恋情 - 不值得
有些人,因为一段十年的感情放弃新鲜与刺激 - 值得
有些人,因为害怕忘记怎么样驾驶手排档的汽车而放弃自动排档的方便 - 不值得
有些人,因为缺乏自信心而白白花了三年的时间出卖内心的渴望 - 不值得
有些人,因为感情路上受挫折而失去幽默感 - 不值得
有些人,因为放不下自尊心而只敢在黑房里将阳具往你的口里塞却没有胆量在灯光下开口跟你说话 - 不值得

肉体的满足 - 不值得
有些人,因为追求快感而忘了戴套 - 不值得
有些人,因为渴望一段新恋情而出卖旧情 - 不值得

试图探讨有些人为何认为不值得的事情值得做 - 最不值得

Monday, October 24, 2005

Leo Fitness Center: A Map of Indulgence

Sensing growing competition, Leo recently extended its floor space to deliver what seems like the best sauna offering in the whole of Malaysia. Shame on KL saunas.

* Courtesy of David Chin. Click on map for larger view.

Mirage is CLOSED! (Updated)

The infamous sauna that has been tirelessly in round-the-clock operation for the past 5 years is now CLOSED!

Valuable sources of information from potential customers-turn-part time reporter told of a notice at the staircase entrance advising customers that Mirage will be closed for anything from six months to a year due to renovation works. No prior notice were given even to the more loyal patrons, paving way for speculations behind the actual reasons behind this ground-breaking news.

Over the next few weeks after the departure of Mirage, the following juicy bits made their rounds amongst the sauna-going crowd:
  • The decision to stop operations was indeed kept within the owners. Unsuspecting staff were gathered around to receive their last paycheck before being asked to bid farewell to their only source of income for the past few years.
  • There were stories of a police report being made by one of the patrons for the loss of RM3,000 in Mirage, leading to an extensive investigation effort which most probably brought the true nature of this 'Health Spa cross Motel' to light.

So what are you up to this Sunday evening?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Two Farewell Notes

Uncle to BravingKL:

Dear XXX,

I believe that each friendship depends on the persons involved. I have offered myself as a friend but you have said that what we have or what we can have does not qualify as a friendship. You believe that your definition of a friendship is more commonly accepted and therefore, it would be almost impossible for me to be your friend. I think I now understand that your expectations of me depends on your world view of what a friendship is. Since our world view differs fundamentally on this, and I cannot offer more, it seems that I should just care for you from afar so that I do not cause any more misunderstanding between us.

Take care - my friend (or whatever you call yourself).

BravingKL to Uncle:

i thought i already stressed that i can accept whatever you can offer, just dun term it as 'friendship' coz meeting at the wee hours of the morning (obviously behind the back of your long-term lover) are just not what friends do. anyhow, i thought it was a healthy debate but you obviously got too emotional. awww. did i hit a few guilt spots? your disappearance from yahoo messenger showed your reluctance to face this debate and only served to reinforce this conclusion. i may be wrong of course, but let's just end it here.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Gay Men's Seven Deadliest Lies

"I'm single too."
I'm really attached for the past five years but he is working/ sleeping/ not in town/ in the midst of fucking some other guys. So let's cut this crap short and have a good time.

"I love you."
I love your body/ face/ cock/ hole.

"Wanna come over to my place just to chat?"
I'll strip you the moment you walk pass the door. We can chat after we cum.

"Can you unzip? I just wanna look."
I need to perform some quality check on your tool before I proceed to invest more time/energy on you.

"I'll just leave it outside, no penetration, I promise."
I'll rub and spread enough precum on your hole so that it'll slip in with the slightest effort, and hopefully by that time, you'll be too overwhelmed to notice/reject.

"It won't be painful."
Your hole looks loose enough, I'll just use more lub.

"This is my first time too."
This is my first time this week/ today/ this hour.

Adapted from an SMS message. Anymore to contribute? :D

Friday, October 14, 2005

The BravingKL Charity Drive

I just lay there, watching myself in the mirror. He had yanked the last piece of cloth off my body, and was just now starting to devour me in utter hunger. My arms were spread motionless on the bed, too weak to return his warm embrace and my legs, left hanging by the edge of the bed, too unmotivated to find a more comfortable spot. The three-hour drive from Ipoh did not seem to impact his excitement, but at least his senses were blinded as he could not the slightest detect my reluctance. For the longest time, I closed my eyes and waited patiently as I paid my gratitude in full.

The BravingKL charity drive is back by popular demand. Have you claimed your share yet?


Friday, October 07, 2005

The Seven Sins of Mirage

The Priceless Vase

Sitting on the top of the human food chain, the Priceless Vase represents the epitome of culinary delight with their model quality looks and prime cut meat. To the mere mortals, they are the unreachable, the untouchables, a dream too beautiful to materialise, yet they represent a challenge worth shaving off 3 years of your lifespan. Unlike its porcelain equivalent though, the Priceless Vase normally depreciates with time. As the clock ticks away and the crowd dwindle, give him your best shot and you may just have your prayers answered.

The Super Cum Container
The Super Cum Container presents the perfect solution for a quick and effortless catch. Commonly associated with expired uncles with greasy faces, beer bellies, retreating penises, and smelly breath, they are constantly found roaming in the darkest corner of the upper and lower dark rooms in search of willing preys either too hungry to be selective with their meat or have pride too brittle to be broken by rejections. Tirelessly and meticulously, they work their charms and magic spells on your tool to suck your week-old cum and worries away. Completely free of charge, no reciprocal actions expected.

The Marathon Fucker
The Marathon Fuckers come in a wide variety of flavours, and normally have looks and appearances that are above par and quality expectations that are below par, to warrant a constant stream of meat for a demanding appetite. Extending his stay beyond the duration of the normal crowd, he ensures money well spent by a tireless repertoire of courting and intercourse. This illusive personality spends only 5% of his time locating his prey and the remaining time devouring them in one of the private rooms.

The Single Bullet Gunman
To the Single Bullet Gunman, Mirage presents a single, unfazed proposition for a quick fix, not unlike that of a fast food chain. Single-minded, clear and focused on his one and only agenda, he comes, he kills and he goes, leaving no trace of his identity, no means for follow-up contact beyond the walls of Mirage, and certainly no emotions behind. As the door slams shut, he leaves the fantasy world behind and returns home to his family, friends and colleagues, physically contented and ready to brave the cruel, straight world that he has grew up in and is reluctant to leave.

The Hyperactive Kid
Super-charged with raging hormones, the Hyperactive Kid can be seen braving the entire fleet of stairs of the 5-storey building in one breath of air. With an ego as high as his hormones, and most probably skin as thin as my oil-control sheet, he would rather die than to be seen engaged in any form of courting actions with the others. His facial expressions do not cater for the slightest leakage of emotions that would betray him into showing the faintest of interest to the hunky uncle at the corner of his eyes. Constantly in denial of his urges, his testosterone finds no outlet and is thus channelled from the copulating muscles to the exercising muscles. Stand aside uncles, or have your frail bones shattered by the human bullet.

The Saint
The Saint is an anti-thesis of the sauna culture, a living irony to remind us that there are guys out there who are willing to pay RM20 to do anything other than the one single thing on everyone else’s agenda. Piles of perfectly sculpted bodies in copulation heat yet the Saint remains unperturbed as he busied himself in front of the PC surfing the web, or pumping irons in the ill-equipped gym, or reading magazines in the courtyard garden. Oblivious to the attention paid to him, he is permenantly detached from the world of seductive play by avoiding all eye contacts, and brushing off all attempts to establish other physical channels.

The Sociable Sister
If not for the Sociable Sister, the Mirage dream would be an experience void of colours and sound. Dressed in towels wrapped in a fashionable twist, the Sisters sashay along the walkways as they pay visit to different corners of the saunas, freely dispensing the latest beauty tips, the most up-to-date gossips about gay politicians, artists, TV commentators, and sport personalities and last but certainly not least, the most intimate sex stories for all to savour and enjoy. It is not uncommon for peals of laughter to penetrate into the darkest corner of the dark room. To the Sociable Sister, Mirage is a place to chill out and chat the weekend evening away without having to put up with strange glances from the curious public.

So which sins have you committed lately?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The 100th Post

Time to screw some cocks, err.. I mean pop some corks, gals? :D

The Ultimate Cruising Machine!

Nokia Sensor:
A spontaneous, sociable application - for spontaneous, sociable people. Based on the Bluetooth technology, Sensor is a totally new way of communicating with people within your vicinity, for example in cafés, get-togethers, buses and trains. No matter where you are, connect and communicate with other Sensor users around you and widen your social circle.

With Sensor you can create your own personal pages - called a folio - on your phone. You can also check out the folios of other Sensor users nearby, exchange messages, and share files. A folio is your short-range mobile homepage that you create. It houses your avatar, interesting conversation topics and contains details about all your quirky habits and unusual hobbies. :D

My fellow sisters, if you have not installed this on your Series 60 Nokia phones, what are you waiting for??

Find out more!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Come And Kick My Ass

You'll come and kick my ass, you said you will if I tell you again that I feel you don't miss me enough.

You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough. You don't miss me enough.

There you go. So fly here right now and KICK MY ASS! I'm waiting.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Say No to Yes Karaoke

Saturday night at Yes Karaoke. Come here and be amused with the various alcohol-influenced antiques of squealing sisters dressed in the latest cross-dressing Ah Lian fashion from Sungai Wang boutiques, witness the showcase of gravity defying dance steps performed by chinese fan-wielding sisters in super tight jeans, and catch a special preview of Bitch Wars before the official release date in cinemas worldwide this fall.

Otherwise, stay away.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Houston Skies Are Made of You

I remember my first night in the cold big city. Seems like just yesterday that you made your grand appearance in my dull hotel room. “Welcome to Houston,” you gave me a reassuring hug and I thought I slipped into a dream.

I remember holding hands in the car while you drove me around town. I saw dashing cyclists crossing the road in Montrose, half naked men jogging in Herman Park, and sexy clubbers having coffee at The Village. But most importantly, I saw the most heart-warming face in the whole of US, right here next to me.

I remember holding hands again while watching a movie in the cinema. Your sweaty palms resting on mine, and my wandering fingers lingering amidst yours. Took regular intervals to turn and look at each other. Which movie did we watch again?

I remember the meals we had, American, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Cajun, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. Whatever, as long as I was with you.

I remember us rushing to get ice-cream at 2am on a quiet Sunday morning, and then having to sit by the bench to finish it as the restaurant was closing. You grabbed me to sit closer to you as we braved the cool night breeze together, and laughed as I carelessly got a few drops of melting Mexican vanilla on my shirt. I wish I had told you that the ice cream was not the only thing that was melting at that moment.

I remember the passionate kisses in your car. One session everytime we got on, and another before we got off. You would tolerate no misses, no half-baked emotions, and no short-lived passion that was less than 10secs long.

I remember waking up in the morning in your bed, with your cat staring right at my face. I know he hated me for stealing you away. He have had you for 4 years, and me, a mere 3 weeks. Somewhere in his feline conscious I knew he would have forgiven me.

I remember sinking into your resounding chest as the cold jet descended rapidly down onto the dance floor in South Beach Dance Club. The rapid 20 degrees drop of temperature meant nothing, with your heart beating next to mine. Sexy half-naked Latinos eager to catch my attention, but my eyes remained fixated on you. I thought I heard you say you would never let me go.

And then, I remember the chaotic scene at the departure hall. The whole of Houston were there, trying to catch the last few flights out of the city right in the path of Hurricane Rita. No tearful goodbye, no extended hugs and kisses. (I had so waited for this moment). But you had to stay home to prepare for the worst. I understand.

And so a thousand-mile journey was just now coming to an end. For the full three weeks, I thought this was my life, and you were my soul. Braving KL never existed; Braving Houston was not necessary because you were right there with me. As the Boeing 747 slowly taxied onto the runway, I took one last glance of the gloomy overcast Houston sky and imagined you waving at me from the departure hall.

There is no place like home, but I left my heart in a city called Houston.

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Braving Rita

"Hurricane Rita's rapid intensification cycle that began Tuesday afternoon continues. Top winds are up to 165 mph, now a category 5 hurricane. Further strengthening is possible as the atmosphere remains favorable for development over the next 24 hours."

  • Landfall of Rita in Houston: Friday, 8:15pm estimated
  • Departure of BravingKL from Houston: Thursday, 10:40am

To continue enjoying juicy stories of the gay scene in KL, please pray for me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005





Tuesday, September 20, 2005



Monday, September 19, 2005

Attack Of The 7 Inch Meat

South Beach Dance Club at 11:08pm on a Saturday night, right in the heart of Montrose, the city’s premiere hangout was the gayest place in town. At the entrance, a painstakingly slow age verification and payment process ensured eager patrons were kept slowly trickling in, so that a resulting long line that extended around the building quickly reinforced the popularity the place.

Two professional Latino dancers, beautifully structured, and clad only in a scanty velvety pink g-strings, were slowly swaying their bodies to the music. Notes of 5s, 10s even 20s, a contribution from admirers, were folded nicely against the spaghetti-thin straps. It definitely pays to be sexy. Got quickly chauffeured deeper in before I could drool any further.

Half naked servers scurried around serving up drinks for patrons who had thirst themselves silly shouting at their top of their voice amidst the loud thumping music, but the pool was where the heartbeat of the club lied. Managed to squeeze into a tasty mix of Caucasians, Latinos, Blacks, Asians, and everything in between as we started to bring our engines up to the beat.

In the midst of a Kylie's item, two half naked Latino muscle uncles started inching closer, and before I could say ‘Hola’, found myself sandwiched in an awkward position between the two very warm, swaying and sweaty bodies. The one behind me breathed down my neck, and I felt a pinch on my right bum. Turned around and got my left bum squeezed! CJ watched amusedly as the Latino Attack continued, I was lucky I did not get stripped, he told me later.

Closed my eyes as the next tune moved in. More attacks came and went, but the sights and sounds were too much to bear, and I thought I sunk deeper into the dream.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Biggest Irony In Life

  • 23 x Parmesan fried shrimps: Parmesan coated succulent shrimps friend to crispy perfection and lightly seasoned, and served with cheese tortellini
  • 8 x Coconut crunchy shrimps: Juicy shrimps rolled in fresh coconut, fried to perfection and served with sauteed spinach
  • 9 x Shrimp En Brochette: Bacon wrapped shrimps stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and crabmeat, and brushed with a chipotle barbecue sauce
  • 48 x French fries
  • 1 slab of Asian coleslaw
  • 1 serving of Rice pilaf


  • 1 glass of Diet Coke

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


If I have not worked for this company
If I have not received an approval for this trip
If I have not boarded the plane
If I have not clicked on you in the chatroom that night
If I have not existed

If you have not migrated to this country
If you have not moved to this city
If you have not stayed up so late to be in the chatroom that night
If you have not agreed to spend the night with me
If you have not existed

If we have not met
If we have not met
If we have not met
If we have not met


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"You Won't Be Alone, I'll Be With You"

Detached from the place I grew up in and the people I grew close to, I still feel I'm dreaming when you say those words. The Hurricane Katrina evacuees don't seem as intimidating anymore, the prime cut steak looks more welcoming, and driving on the right side of the road seems second nature.

What good deeds have I done to deserve you?


Saturday, September 10, 2005

2 Against 1953631

City: Houston, Texas
Population: 1,953,631
Number of gay saunas: 2

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Furthest Gay Sauna from Home

In the furthest gay sauna that I have ever been from home, things are not as different as I thought they are.

They have dimly lit mazes too, though the addition of glory holes on the wall partitions, jailroom and sling for your S&M pleasures, a decent size swimming pool, cedar wood benches in the dry sauna, and constant showing of hot, steamy movies make for some interesting variations to life.

Along the corridors, a pride parade marches on, as they do back home. But the intentional over-exposure of eager members, with an statistically-averaged 7" size (witnessed and verified), spread across an international buffet of Caucasians, Latinos, Blacks and Asians, are virtually unheard of back home.

And as I get laid by this charming Italiano tastier and more fiery than a jalapeno pizza, I thought I felt a hint of the repulsive yet addictive lingering smell of Mirage.

But I am really in Midtowne Spa, the furthest gay sauna that I have ever been from home.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Alone in a big, strange city. Why would I ever think this is exciting?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Piece of Houston Sky

Wandered around downtown for three hours to find this perfect piece of sky. Spoken only to the cashier at Subway where I had my lunch. Munched down a baked cheese burger while watching a pigeon frantically danced around in search of food by the window. Made a mental note to bring along some chilli sauce next time.

Welcome to Houston!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Braving La La Land

1am, Departure Gate 62, Los Angeles International Airport. The travelling crowd hustled along the walkways as I sat on the cold mosaic floor against the wall by the edge. Faye Wong’s music piping through my earphones, but the comforting voice didn’t help offset the vast distance I felt with this chilly and unfamiliar place. I had travelled more than 12 hours by plane to here, yet I was another 3 hours away from my final destination.

Held on tight to the Starbucks frappucino in my hand, they don’t have Dome or San Francisco here in the States. The blended ice was fast melting but I couldn’t bear to take another sip of this calorie bomb, they made it just too sweet.

The passengers seemed bored waiting for boarding time, Caucasians, Blacks, Latinos and everything in between, mostly in Nike (didn’t raise my head high enough to see what they’re wearing above the knee), and almost always overweight. And then I noticed a few Asians. Wanted to sit closer to them but there were no more seats nearby. I was held back too long at the Immigrations, though the last time I checked myself in the mirror, I don’t look anything like a terrorist.

But then I guess I don’t look anything like a rich kid as well, coz the ground staff kept shoving me back to the Economy line and looked doubtful when I showed them my Business Class boarding pass. I will have my camera ready to capture the expression yet again when I board this next flight as a First Class passenger.

Found a shop that was still open, and bought two bars of Hershey’s to change the USD50 notes that I had. Very kind of her, the cashier. Thought my stomach was grumbling silly, but I didn’t feel like eating, so I stuff the chocolate into my bag. They most probably won’t last till my trip back home three weeks later, but I’ll get Mum something nicer.

Hummed along as the next tune filled my ears. It’s been more than 15 hours, just testing that I still know how to speak Mandarin.

I miss home already…

BravingKL, signing off from la la land.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Merdeka SMS

Anonymous to Me:
Happy Merdeka!

Me to Anonymous:
You are?

Anonymous to Me:
Myself. I think, therefore I am. I speculate, therefore I may be.

Me to Anonymous:
You talk crap, therefore you are history.

Anonymous to Me:
That's wrong. You doubt, therefore you do not exists.

Me to Anonymous:
I do not exist. Therefore you must be crazy to SMS a non-existant being.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Shop For The Top

For those with a shameless addiction for taking it from behind, please do not step into this outlet.

Bangkok As Presented by Google Earth

While checking out Google Earth again, I was delighted to find out that the City of Angels now have higher resolution satellite images. Immediately set out to browse around and retrace how was the previous 7D6N trip spent braving this breathlessly vibrant metropolis:

Silom/Suriwong Area (click on map for larger view):

  • The acclaimed Agogo Boy street featuring young Thai boys with disproportionately large endowments parading their stuff on stage for all to watch, behold, and for the courageous few, to bring back for some private enjoyment as well.
  • The very gay-friendly Suriwongse Hotel. Grab an agogo boy up with you to your room, and be assured that no eyelids are bat in the process.
  • Patpong area to practise your bargaining power, and Bahasa Melayu skills (useful when exchanging remarks with fellow travel mates) "U rasa mahal ke? I rasa boleh murah lagi la.."
  • Freeman, with its infamous cruising maze, and DJ Station gay discos to dance the night away, punctuated by beautiful aquas telling Thai jokes on stage. Just laugh along and they'll bet their lives that you're a local.
  • The Saladaeng Skytrain station to bring you around town, and ensure that the farthest saunas and most remote night markets are within reach.

Babylon and vicinity (click on map for larger view):

  • The acclaimed Babylon Sauna and Barracks and the more humble Malaysia Hotel in its vicinity.

Chakran and vicinity (click on map for larger view):

  • The Ari Skytrain station and at four roads and a 10mins' walk away, the equally famous Chakran Sauna, frequented mainly by locals, if that is your cup of tea.

Jatujak Weekend Market (click on map for larger view):

  • Nothing gay about this place, but which trendy fashion-consious sister can resist the collective temptation of 9,000 stalls spread over a 100,000 square meter of pure bargaining mess selling local goods from clothings, gifts, handicraft, textiles, furnitures, to pets and antiques?
  • Shown here with the Mo Chit Skytrain station just a few steps away.

Lumphini Park (click on map for larger view):

  • The premiere cruising park of Bangkok, where happy moments are defined by copulating couples making out in the shadows of the night, just by the lake, or watching hardcore body-builders sweating it out with rusty age-old equipments at the open air gym .