Monday, December 10, 2007

A Silent Shade of Gray

Three years worth of emotions and memories, come walk down this path with me again.

Download the ebook in pdf format here.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Cameronian Craze

The sisterhood braved the school holiday year-end fenzy and made a short trip to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands over the weekend. With the tap on juicy sauna encounters now dried up, I have to make do instead with silly accounts of the ridiculous things we did throughout the trip:

Danielle making love to the wall while descending one of Kelly's castle's stairway:

Succumbing to the hunger of a week-long absence from Bodyjam, Nicole started doing the "Look At Me" track in the imaginary dance studio on the upper levels of Kelly's castle:

The making of promotional materials for the upcoming release of Bodybalance, right on the helipad:

In between exploring the various dark corners of the castle, the sisterhood find time for some physical attributes comparison exercise:

With their respective lovers hundreds of miles away, the dreamy setting of the rolling tea plantations become the perfect opportunity for new sparks to fly within the sisterhood:

Sister Nicole drown in a deep imagination of a hunky policeman out to pin her down in this deserted stretch of the tea plantation and do unspeakable things onto her:

An early morning body-to-body massage, the perfect way to start the day:

Sindy and her attention-grabbing mini tent:

But the highlight of the trip is not the countless sisterhood bonding sessions that we had behind the closed door of the hotel room, or the heavenly-tasting salted chicken and curry chicken bun in Ipoh, or the frustrating traffic deadlock while exiting the Boh visitor’s center, but the highlight came in the form of a boyish Chinese guy with charms as far-reaching as the highest peak in the highland resort. The effect was instant, the four sisters unanimously succumbed to his magical charisma of which he seemed to so effortlessly exude in between spinning the cotton candies and interacting with customers who have lined up to adore him. His pull was indeed one of Cameronian proportions:

And we even came up with our own riddle along the way too:

Question: Tricia and Nicole started the journey back from Cameron Highlands to KL with some fresh strawberries in the car, but upon reaching the city, they discovered that the fresh strawberries have turned into strawberry jam instead. Why le?

Answer: They were jamming in the car.