Saturday, November 26, 2005

The KL Pink Districts: Cheras/Miharja

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  • Normal or Bukak?: Springing up faster than mushrooms after a rainy night, these massage outlets have never seen better business and are expanding like crazy. At any one time, 5 or more outlets, spread across a mere 4 rows of shophouses, are competing for your attention and money. Can't find your masseur of choice? Just walk over to the next one! Spoilt for choice? Start with the Thai boys.
  • Miharja Condos: A large population of the Cheras queer cuties are rumoured to dwell here. Hang out at the mamak stalls to catch them after a night's worth of clubbing (or cruising).
  • Manatus Sauna: Sick of watching semi-disgusted expressions of straight guys jerking you off after a massage session? Drop by Manatus and try your luck with the line-up of good old queer buddies instead. Of course, when survival & money is out of the window, in comes pride, rejection, hope and pain. Tell me which one you prefer.
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