Monday, December 06, 2004

RM35 to have a straight guy jerk you off

Somehow the entire craze about visiting PLU massage joints passed us by quietly.. until last Saturday that is, when the fact that it popped up again during a conversation with a close friend proved that it’s time for at least one visit, not for the physical relief (think the current visits to saunas suffice, thank you) but more for the experience.

Arrived on a late Saturday evening, and were immediately greeted by a Chinese uncle (with blond hair) sitted on an armchair in a cosy reception room. Nicely lined up on one of the walls are photo cards of masseurs grouped by either ‘Occupied’, ‘Available’, or ‘Off Duty’. Like commodities on a active trading day at the KLSE, the boss would make or receive calls on his mobile, and walk over to the board from time to time to shuffle the cards and update the masseurs’ availability.

One advice: don’t trust the photos, go look at the real thing, who would most probably be hanging around in another room nearby. And beware especially of the photos taken in studio, as only someone who’s not as desirable would resort to the help of make-up artists and Photoshop expert to sell!

The massage session itself wasn’t particularly memorable. It was weak. Gosh, or maybe you heard my brittle bones screaming? I think my bf gives better massage! Chatted on and off with the masseur, and it didn’t take my gaydar long to confirm that he is straight. How weird! I felt uneasy, this is but a barter of money and pleasure. How can pleasure be a one-way street. Money shouldn’t even be in the picture.

Anyone wants my member card? It gives you one free session after the tenth visit.

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