Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Lelong In Lost World

2am on a Saturday morning, our car turned right at the junction, and entered KL’s premiere cruising park. The carpark was already 70% occupied with visitors from as far as Klang and Kajang.

At just 15km/hour, we made an obligatory tour in the car around the carpark, which served both to announce to the entire community of our arrival (giving them a full view of the occupants, and perhaps a potential will be intrigued enough by the sight to walk up later and say hi) and to ensure that all is well before we get off the car (no cousins/uncles/neighbours/colleagues that you haven’t pecah to, no ex-lovers who still hold a grudge against you, no ex-sisters who remembers his fifth bf had left him for you etc etc).

At one corner, the Uncle Gang had gathered around once again for their weekly outing. Some leaning against their car while others squatting or sitting on the dividers. What would the agenda be, I wonder. Recollecting on the week that was? Perhaps sharing an experience about the young boy whom they have fished just two days ago from the neighbourhood cyber cafe, or the prospects of setting up the 83rd massage parlours in town, or sharing 101 tips on the best excuse of the week to give persistent relatives/colleagues who have asked yet again why they have remained single, or to the unsuspecting wives at home on why they absolutely need to meet up with the gang every Saturday at such ungodly hours.

Over at another brighter spot, a group of younger ones had congregated and were busy laughing their dicks off over some jokes, or was it a personal account of an interesting find in the bushes nearby? Their peals of laughter (which most probably have reached Jupiter by now) would be the only refreshment to an otherwise serene night. Serenity seemed to be out of place for such a high level of hustle and bustle, where a continuous flow of traffic cruised in and out of the park (an infinite loop around the park for the discreet ones), and a continuous flow of human traffic cruised in and out of the darker bushes at the nearby hillocks.

The group soon dispersed, and the young ones scattered away into the night. Some took a walk around the lake, eventually disappearing into the bushes, some took a scroll around the carpark, while the more adventurous ones sat right by the side of the road, hoping to catch the fancy of the driver in the beaming Beamer who had just arrived.

Lelong! Lelong! Any takers tonight?

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