Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Kissing A Tattoo On The Back

Fate had it that I would meet him even before I entered Mirage. While we found parking spaces at opposite ends of the carpark, we walked towards the same direction, arriving at the stairways leading up to the ‘sports club’ at exactly the same time. Of the possible 18,000 seconds during which one could arrive within the peak hours, we were fated to arrive not one second earlier, and not one second later.

We paused at the stairways. Sparks were set off, nearly incinerating the Indian lady who was putting her clothes out to dry three blocks away. I waited to see if he would just grab me and go off somewhere together, saving each other the RM20 entrance fee. After what seemed like eternity, he reluctantly terminated the eye contact, and headed upstairs.

We met again at the lockers. Of the six different locker areas available, we just had to prefer to same location. I started stripping just three columns away from him, conscious not to re-establish eye contact, as another sight of him might cause a mad rush of blood between my legs. But I just had to steal a glance or two of him, though I was careful not to time it in accordance to his glance of me. And I lived to tell the account of a figure emerging to its full glory.

He made an attempt to improvise on his strategy of just overdue eye contact, by first standing really close to me while we were both in front of the lower common dark rooms, and then discreetly inching his left hand for the kill. (I had promptly positioned my right hand for easy assess.)

It was the most passionate sessions I have had for a long time, though I must admit I don’t have a good memory though (so you most probably will read the same comments again in the not so future entries). I must have emerged with much poutier lips from the long-winded kissing sessions, both before and after the climax.

He told me it’s the first time he does it twice with the same guy on the same day and that I should give him an ang pow for achieving this feat. I wanted to tell him it’s a first time for me too, but I didn’t. I did tell him though, that contrary to what others say, the tattoo on his back looks nice.

I didn’t use soap to shower that day, his perfume, as breathtaking as the entire episode, still lingers on.


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