Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Your Son Most Probably Is Gay If:

  • He does not have a good relationship with Dad (not on talking terms, minimal interaction, Dad-phobia etc).
  • He grew up without a fatherly figure (Dad passed away, Mum-Dad separated, divorced etc).
  • He was brought up by a motherly figure (Grandma, Auntie, maids etc)
  • He is the eldest or the youngest in the family.
  • He is the only son in the family.
  • He spent a lot of time during his childhood playing with his sisters, neighbours’ daughters, cousin sisters etc.
  • He hates watching football.
  • He adores Madonna, Faye Wong, Spice Girls or any other female singers or girl bands.
  • He likes tight-fitting clothes.
  • He works out in Fitness First.
  • He prefers spending his weekend nights at Central Market rather than P Ramlee/ Bangsar/ Kiara.
  • He shops for his own undies, and has at least one g-string/thong.
  • He has more guy friends than gal friends.
  • He uses more skincare than his sisters/Mum.
  • Despite his good looks, and well-built body, he is still single.
  • His guy friends have similar traits mentioned above.

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