Monday, December 26, 2005

Sungai Wang Snow Fight Turned Ugly

Click for a super low-res, grainy and shaky video capture of the Christmas eve snow fight in Sungai Wang, featuring:
  • Horny Ah Bengs attacking unsuspecting passers-by (mostly Ah Lians) with confetti and synthetic snow spray.
  • Unruly Ah Bengs spraying synthetic snow on windscreens of passing vehicles and raising the wipers at the same time to avoid premature removal of their work of art.
  • Angry Ah Bengs ganging up to attack a motorcyclist who had forced his way through the spill of crowd from sidewalks onto the road.
  • Uncultured Ah Bengs cursing in Hokkien four-letter words equivalent as a mean to express excitement for being a part of this grand celebration, never mind that they are all Buddhists and had absolutely no blinking idea how to even spell the word 'Christmas' correctly.

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