Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bangkok As Presented by Google Earth

While checking out Google Earth again, I was delighted to find out that the City of Angels now have higher resolution satellite images. Immediately set out to browse around and retrace how was the previous 7D6N trip spent braving this breathlessly vibrant metropolis:

Silom/Suriwong Area (click on map for larger view):

  • The acclaimed Agogo Boy street featuring young Thai boys with disproportionately large endowments parading their stuff on stage for all to watch, behold, and for the courageous few, to bring back for some private enjoyment as well.
  • The very gay-friendly Suriwongse Hotel. Grab an agogo boy up with you to your room, and be assured that no eyelids are bat in the process.
  • Patpong area to practise your bargaining power, and Bahasa Melayu skills (useful when exchanging remarks with fellow travel mates) "U rasa mahal ke? I rasa boleh murah lagi la.."
  • Freeman, with its infamous cruising maze, and DJ Station gay discos to dance the night away, punctuated by beautiful aquas telling Thai jokes on stage. Just laugh along and they'll bet their lives that you're a local.
  • The Saladaeng Skytrain station to bring you around town, and ensure that the farthest saunas and most remote night markets are within reach.

Babylon and vicinity (click on map for larger view):

  • The acclaimed Babylon Sauna and Barracks and the more humble Malaysia Hotel in its vicinity.

Chakran and vicinity (click on map for larger view):

  • The Ari Skytrain station and at four roads and a 10mins' walk away, the equally famous Chakran Sauna, frequented mainly by locals, if that is your cup of tea.

Jatujak Weekend Market (click on map for larger view):

  • Nothing gay about this place, but which trendy fashion-consious sister can resist the collective temptation of 9,000 stalls spread over a 100,000 square meter of pure bargaining mess selling local goods from clothings, gifts, handicraft, textiles, furnitures, to pets and antiques?
  • Shown here with the Mo Chit Skytrain station just a few steps away.

Lumphini Park (click on map for larger view):

  • The premiere cruising park of Bangkok, where happy moments are defined by copulating couples making out in the shadows of the night, just by the lake, or watching hardcore body-builders sweating it out with rusty age-old equipments at the open air gym .

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