Monday, October 17, 2005

Two Farewell Notes

Uncle to BravingKL:

Dear XXX,

I believe that each friendship depends on the persons involved. I have offered myself as a friend but you have said that what we have or what we can have does not qualify as a friendship. You believe that your definition of a friendship is more commonly accepted and therefore, it would be almost impossible for me to be your friend. I think I now understand that your expectations of me depends on your world view of what a friendship is. Since our world view differs fundamentally on this, and I cannot offer more, it seems that I should just care for you from afar so that I do not cause any more misunderstanding between us.

Take care - my friend (or whatever you call yourself).

BravingKL to Uncle:

i thought i already stressed that i can accept whatever you can offer, just dun term it as 'friendship' coz meeting at the wee hours of the morning (obviously behind the back of your long-term lover) are just not what friends do. anyhow, i thought it was a healthy debate but you obviously got too emotional. awww. did i hit a few guilt spots? your disappearance from yahoo messenger showed your reluctance to face this debate and only served to reinforce this conclusion. i may be wrong of course, but let's just end it here.


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