Monday, February 07, 2005

A Desolate World

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The lights around the ATM machine were quite dim, but in a town that goes to sleep at 7pm, this was the best spot for her. It was month end, somehow the incessant flow of human traffic that had come to perform banking chores just a few meters away seemed unable to intrude her desolate world. Workbook on her lap, she tried her best recalling what was taught earlier today, but then she had spent most of the time standing outside the classroom, cikgu did not seem to fancy her sense of dressing.

Across the road, her little sister was calling out to her. “Mak suruh balik! Ayah dah tidur dah!“ (Mum asked you to go home! Dad is asleep already!)

Emerging from her oblivion, she slowly stood up, and only then did the extent of her piteous existence set in. Walking with a limp, she crossed the road to her sister and gave her a hug. Hands held tight, they walked towards the sea front and slowly disappeared into the night.

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