Sunday, April 03, 2005


  • Struggling for love (Futile attempts of locating love in Mirage, but all I found was lust, when will I ever learn? No more diligent checking of hearts in Fridae, no more aimless search of compatible nicks in and MIRC, but where have all the good men gone to?)
  • Struggling to be a better son (No more guilt pangs of seeing Mum on the sofa in the living room, staring into thin air, or watching age-old chinese serials on Astro)
  • Struggling to be a better friend (Deleted names in my phone contact list, whom I know I meant very little to, or meant very little to me. Friends should live for the challenge of being mutually inspiring, and encouraging, not just for pathetic exchanges of beauty tips, fashion talk, and sex & gossip chats)
  • Struggling for career (No point watching the ERL zoom past me every morning when I'm not on it, 20 more years to visit the 188 places I must go before I die, but I'm doing nothing about it now.)

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