Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Uncle With Asamboi-Seed-Crushing Chest

I was having trouble conceiving a good reason why your eyes had lingered a little too long over me, or rather around the vicinity of my upper body. In a frenzied rush of post-Bodyjam cleaning and changing, I could find an endless array of tasty spots where I would lay my eyes on in this space choked with sweaty bodies in various stages of undress, but of course, I kept them focused on Sindy, who was just explaining frantically why he absolutely needed one full hour to clean up after unceremoniously abandoning me in the middle of the first recovery track.

You reached for your Adidas tee, but didn’t look like you would put it on anytime soon. (Gosh, that chest could crush an asamboi seed.) Sindy was finally done and left, while I simultaneously wrapped myself in a towel, did a quick check to see if I had anything weird stuck to my chest or abs, and bit my lips as a gentle reminder that this is definitely no Kakiku or Mandi-Manda and overdue glances are not to be mistaken as invitations for sex.

Not that the showers or the steam sauna are safe enough for this anyway.

I think I need a much more sensitive radar to sort out the queer folks here, I thought, as I slipped into an empty cubicle, hung my towel, and turn on the showers.

With the curtains drawn, of course!


Anonymous said...

Until the last line, I thought our braving was a tad too well behave :-). Here's to braving being his usual daring self!


yw[2k] said...

BodyJam 39 - Sizzler

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Next stop is India as BODYJAM goes back to Bollywood for a whole new style of dance. The pace is fast and furious but the moves are easy to handle as the block builds to a super-cool performance phase. Music from Punjabi MC and Snap adds spice to the distinctive eastern flavour. Shakira and Cheyanne are back in the house for a new Latin block with heaps of choreography and a fast track to the first cardio peak.

Then it's time to bring the heart rate down - but not too far - with the super-new sound of Deja Vu from Beyonce. The Dance4Life cardio block starts with a cool arm combo that everyone can get, with a funky turn added on. Then we go to some hot chart toppers with Justin, Rhianna and Fergie to prove again that BODYJAM stays up to the minute with the latest sounds. Tiestos Dance for Life track brings on a huge, bust-out performance finale before we revisit the disco sound in the warm up for the grooviest of groovedowns.


bravingkl said...

Hey Can, I think by 'drawn' i meant I kept the curtains tightly shut, closed, zipped, tutup. ;)

yw2k: OMG, there goes the last few grams of my bodyfat!

Anonymous said...

My mistake. Damn! At least you do recognise the distinction between a gym shower room and a gay sauna. Besides, FF is soooo gay.