Thursday, December 14, 2006

Those Words Unspoken

Those words unspoken, reflected in their full glory on the full length mirror of the studio during an over-crowded Bodyjam class, more vivid than the over-zealous screams of the instructor. I turned back and caught sight of your intense glance before the recovery track, why do you look sad.

"You enjoying your first Bodyjam class?"

Those words unspoken, like misty breath that expired in the warmth of the refreshing showers just as soon as they were exhaled. We pressed our right palms on our own sides of the frosted glass partition, and savoured the quiet passion of stolen pleasures as we imagined the partition out of existence.

"The water is getting cold."

Those words unspoken, just a painful longing to break through a dry throat that quickly dispersed into the breezy post-dinner night air. I stared ahead and watched as our briefly crossing paths of life start to untangle and went on separate ways again. My hands bent involuntarily in your direction as we neared our goodbyes, but they would never have the courage to meet yours, not in the company of your rightful owner.

"Till we meet again?"
Hearts are often broken
When there are words unspoken
In your soul there's answers to your prayers

Whitney Houston - Waiting to Exhale


canardbidon said...

if only i could ever see the gym thru such drama-tinted lenses..

Anonymous said...

一点一滴的话语, 真的让人迷恋,
自然的电波, 令人无法抵抗,

greateastern said...

braving's writing has more creative edge as time passes. his bf must be someone very smart to be his better half.