Sunday, March 18, 2007

Caught with Pants Down!

KUALA LUMPUR: It was an afternoon of chaos and pandemonium at Fitness First Manulife. At 3:45pm, the manager received an urgent call from the front desk staff relating a horrifying event that had taken place at the men changing room.

“I was utterly speechless! How could anyone do such a revolting act to the poor mannequin?” A member who declined to be named was heard commenting immediately after the faithful event.

“I hope they put the person who’s responsible for such grievances and shame to justice!” Another lady gymmer who had managed to catch a glimpse of the gruesome sight said in between tears.

Rumours had it that the management had initially taken active steps to stop the spread of this news by issuing a 3-year free membership to all gymmers who were (un)fortunate enough to witness the event. However, all staff had declined to comment further.

In an unexpected press release issued later on the same day, the management then expressed shock and regret of the event, and has pledged commitment to taking active measures in creating a more conducive environment to allow more uninhibited expression of physical attraction between human male gymmers, which they believe will put a stop to these unspeakable acts.


fendi6 said...

I came across your blog from the PLU guide. Anyway, i would imagine how the gymmers might feel. I guess some people are so horny that even a mannequin turns them on. I wonder whether such perversion is an act of "desperation" or mere "lust". Btw, i'm new to this blogging thing. Check my blog at

daniel said...

shit... why wasn't i there... that 3 years... oh so worth it... HAHAHAHA

bravingkl said...

well daniel, you may be glad to know that the mannequin is still around. ;)

canardbidon said...

at least the mannequin is always ready willing and available! if we could all be so easily satisfied wldn't life be simpler