Saturday, April 07, 2007

Heartbreak Needles

“We prefer that you close your eyes to avoid any accidents.”

The doctor’s voice was as calm as the sea, but the evil apparatus in his right hand signaled a fast approaching storm. I held tight to both sides of bed and for a brief moment, forgot again why I was subjecting myself to such a trauma.

The tri-beveled hypodermic needle soon punctured a hole on my skin’s surface. Its sharp edges tasted blood and quickly set off to work, maneuvering in a repetitive back and forth movement to cut away fibrous tissues as far as its blades could reach. The pain got worse with every twitch; I felt tears collecting in my tightly shut eyes, and so opened them slightly to release some pressure just in time to catch sight of blood-stained cotton buds being removed from my face.

And then I remembered why I need to do this.

Subcision is painful, but as half as bad as heartbreaks.

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Danz said...

Be patience my little brother. Listen deep in your heart, for your dreams to be heard. Be strong and you will always have a hand of mine whenever you need.