Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Butterflies And March Skies

Sub 15 chilly wind
Warm sunlight that tickles my skin

Blue cloudless sky
Strangers who greet you in the eye

Drizzling morning
I dream of Magee Mee Goreng

Broken CD tracks
Dandy flowers from pavement cracks

Deserted streets
Frozen overnight pizza from the fridge

Muted sigh
Stumbling and shivering down my spine

Sexy cowboys
Gleaming Rolls Royce

Collossal guts
Second to none except gigantic butts

Mindless comedies on TV
Restless mind searching for the exit key

Threesome in my room
Loneliness subsided but came back too soon

Two weeks down

Eight more to complete the round


greateastern26 said...

"He'll miss those nights at
the bar
With every guy all loaded like
And the pain in the morning comes
as easy as it goes
Can't find the truth in a house of
And he can't see tomorrow with
yesterday's eyes
One shot, one beer and a place where nobody cries
One more kiss 'fore he go
One more night and day
Breath all heavy and slow
One shot, one beer and a kiss before he go"

adapted for Bravingkl from Ryan Adam's song 'A Kiss Before I Go'

bravingkl said...

nice, except that I don't hang out in bars.:P

saeng said...

grrr i cant get enough of that song u put on. whats the name? who's the singer? :p

bravingkl said...

Artist Name = Lo Ming Zhuang
Song Name = Che De You Huo

This Google search result page should point you closer to her:

greateastern26 said...

dear braving, can i change 'bar' to 'sauna'?

bravingkl said...

change it to 'hotel room' instead since there's where i'm spending most of my time these days. :D

bicentaur said...

your hotel room's not a bad place to be spending most of your time considering the occasional threesome to punctuate bouts of loneliness ;)

bravingkl said...

correction, ONE threesome. :D

bicentaur said...

the first of many maybe.. LOL!

bravingkl said...

gimme a one-on-one anytime :D

bicentaur said...

can i post one over? does U.S. Mail accept oversized parcels? (hic!)

bravingkl said...

nah, that 'parcel' will need a seat in the cabin, and i need to do some quality control first :D

greateastern26 said...

yeah bicentaur, bravingkl needs to check your joy stick for SIRIM mark

bicentaur said...

joystick - one wonders how on earth inventors came up with a name like that.. LOL!! must have dedicated a lot of time on 'research'.. ohyeah greateastern26, i found the mark, it comes with a label - do not swallow, apply externally, flush with water if comes in contact with eyes..