Thursday, August 31, 2006

我爱Kakiku!/ I Love Kakiku! (As translated by

Oriental leader of the tiny towels under half of the pack, the curtain opened a lounge, blatantly kneel in the Koushou cousins walked in.

"Qi is so only it was gold ... hey? "She makes lateral, a man suddenly to be drawn down like a spine angle of the double beds while a single, immobile.

I can not help with big applause as a good thing, "the head of the crowd, but we have to be a leader who eat pretty jaded! "

"I know you are full of warmth between the three dishes, but you also receive! Just another bubble in the crowded party, was also shouting so loud that Menggan cows! Xiusi people really! "Yin Yin in the office next to the sour tone of jealousy and concern added a few more.

"This bad things, confident in front of me there! I finally saw the Acura lost playing time, he was a little sprite hit your foul whole, I have a bad good, "Jim sprung up from bed sheets, as Yin Yin Dazhanshenwei toward other people resorted to the embroidery needle Lane," I will let you smoke! See strokes! "

The last of the group a fright as Yin Yin delicate pale, and forced rather than shying away, but finally hid behind the A-di slim body, and they dared not come out.

"To Five other men injured sisters foul weather!" Lixia and tinkling in the side and said, "Jim and laying minute turn in the corridor do not have readily dozen months. "

"Do not steal anything just like it in a dark room under the two types of pigs!" I can containing added.

"You sense that the better! From the corridor went all out to everyone in the two read an excerpt called "sixty nine" with the Super Routuan, really like the acquisition of other people's money, which was commissioned to do a circus show touting? "Tinkling Mohaoqi forward to complain.

"It reminds me of the bar scene even dinner can be saved," Lixia cover the mouth said with a smile.

Good evening! Welcome to Kakiku. The Special Function starting now . Please enjoy yourself. The Special Function has starting . Yourself. Please enjoy.

Cordial voice broadcasting system to provide employers with warm every corner of the three-sided. Although a lot of words, to understand enough.

Tiaoliaoqilai founder of the first East, a loose mini is a treasure towels on the grounds to flush away to the entrance to the lounge. I can containing, as A-di Yin Yin and the feeling seems to have heard similar mission, Zayan disappear, only heard the sound of the corridor not far from playing sound, "unpopular sisters, it is time to start! "


Perry Neeham said...

Unless this is a tongue in cheek joke about the quality of google's translation ability you've lost me!

bravingkl said...

it is, indeed! :D

savante said...

Ooh Kakiku!

Perry Neeham said...

Now I know it's funny and that there is nothing actually wrong with my comprehension ability I can chuckle complacently!