Friday, November 30, 2007


A guy stopped me as I was sashaying my way down the stairs after Bodyjam.

“Hey, do you remember me?” He asked.

I turned around and sensed some familiarity in his smile, but said, “Erm.. not really. You are?”

“Oh, we met in Mandi-Manda some time back.” He said softly.

“Oh okies. I haven’t been in awhile.” I adjusted my backpack strap and started my descent down the stairs slowly again.

“It’s OK, maybe I’ll see you there again sometimes?” He pushed further.

“Nah, I’ve retired from the scene.” Turned around before waiting for the sentence to finish and left.


I have lived the past few years wondering if I’ll ever find the courage to remove myself from this diseased obsession. As I pushed open the glass door, I turned back and gave this guy, the remnants of my past, a wide, cheeky smile before the warm evening sunlight hit my face that was right now bathed in a seemingly surreal sense of total emancipation.


Magus_Young said...

hahah...face it fren ... one cannot rid himself of the past heheh btw which body jam ff or cf branch u go to?

savante said...

You mean I can't try to pick you up now? :)

Zemien said...

I'm so proud of you for moving away from fleeting pleasures to look for something lasting. Good luck!

And happy Jamming! The new release is gonna rock!

bravingkl said...

magus, i think we go to the same branch sometimes. ;)
savante, you have had your chances for many years haha.
zemien, i can't wait.

Anonymous said...

i am so going to cry with your retirement from the scene. the fleeting pleasure we could have ... lol


Fable Frog said...

Just a month back, i realized where i actually first met you. That time don't know it's you~ but don't know if you know it's me or not~ guess we won't be meeting there again~ ;)

bravingkl said...

frog, i'm puzzled. the only time i remember meeting you was in Dome cafe, u meant we have met after that in err.. a sauna??

David the Man said...

Ermmm... Braving, i think I have met you before in Leo... but not sure if it is you...

bravingkl said...

david, you just have to join in the fun don't you haha.