Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Ultimate Introduction

XXX to BravingKL in Fridae:

hi, i m XXX here. mind 2 b fren? whats ur name? hometown from? nw stay where which part stay with who? stat? msn? u r t/b? looking 4? msn? how u spend ur free time? nw work or study? if work, work as? if study, taking what course? any contact no.? sorry 4 cz i seldom online, hope u dun mind. anyway, hope 2 hear from u soon...regards, XXX

BravingKL to XXX:
oh gosh xxx! thanks for the wonderful introduction template! are you like sending this to each and every Fridae member individually? but that's like so troublesome!!! why don't I just help you post this to my blog instead? I'm sure my readers will find it very useful. Don't worry, I will give credits to you of course for coming up with such an extensive list of questions in so little words. I dunno what else anyone would want to ask actually. And no, it's ok, you don't need to thank me really. Great job! ;)


deeperanddeeper said...

wanna be fren???

Jason said...

It happens all the time :)

josh kimura said...

haha, i also got the same exact message. great reply haha.

Takashi said...

i too get that message, all the time.. just delete them. i dont reply such messages.

art_tom said...

can we be fren?juz sand ur emai,hometown etc 4 me..