Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Love Of Dance

What would you do for the love of dance, especially when you know it's gonna be the last proper dance class in Fitness First? Well, you naturally go all way out and hit the dancefloor/studio, literally, with your knees while doing the floor routines.

Showed Jimmy my bruises, and he said "Take that as my souvenir for you for attending my last Cardio Dance class."

At least I don't really need any knee pads anymore, do I?


deeperanddeeper said...

ooo.... showing off your hairless legs???

bravingkl said...

darn! totally missed the point one lor!

Fable Frog said...

sexy leg!! yummy!! i wonder~ where the bruises are on the others... surely you got those bruise by karate kneeing others!! ~ hmmmmm

Lifebook said...

OMG!! The manufacture of knee pad is soon to be out of business. Advised to sell their stock immediately!! LOL.

savante said...

Aiyoh. Sakitnya.

Kenapa macam kena abused kat class?

Anonymous said...

what would i do for the love of dance? keep dancin of course! (even it freaked me out when i looked at your "sexy legs" ;) )

"Don't Just Exist, Live!"

and yeah, by the way, i love the background music playin, what song is that huh?


bravingkl said...

Thanks Thad! Background music is called "Too Long" from Yael Naim. Try and google her up. ;)

Anonymous said...

Loooks like pork knuckle to me..yucks!!!