Monday, April 07, 2008

A Delicious Affair

So is Delicious @ Bangsar Village 2 the new PLU hangout in town? I was there with Nicole, Sinderella and Jessica for dinner on Saturday and there was at least one sisterhood sighting every other minute!
First the gang caught Ah Lian, the FF instructor, sashayed past our table in her tight fitting sleeveless tee while on her way to the entrance to meet her gym sisters.

Barely two minutes had past, when we detected a rapidly escalating concentration of hiao power near the entrance - Veronica, yet another FF celebrity instructor and her faghag gang had just made an appearance, standing there for time immemorial while scouting for vacant dinner tables. And with them was Jamie from Sindy's extended sisterhood.

Before the confetti settled, Janice the TF GX instructor who happens to be my colleague as well emerged before us, not holding hands with his new potential (whom we're all dying to know the identity of), but pushing a baby pram instead!

"Ya Allah! I didn't know you're a mother liao!" The group exclaimed unanimously while staring at the baby who must be like at least 15 months old.

"My niece la!" Janice rolled her eyes but could not afford anything more sisterly than that as her parents and siblings already caught up with her on their way out of the restaurant.

By now the gang was already on the lookout for other sightings, and in came LK, my ex colleague, with two of her sisters. Thought he didn't see me, but we were soon engaged in a brief SMS conversation.

"Hello darling. Next week party in bkk he he."

"Yeah gorgeous, can't wait!"

Before the end of dinner, Sindy announced that we will need to make an effort to dress up when we drop by again.

"Yerr.. Let my potential see me in this, so not glam."


Anonymous said...

Hahahhaha.... so funny...

You sure have lots of "sisters" here and there.


savante said...

Surprised you guys didn't all stand up and perform the We Are Family gay anthem :) Feel the same way when I walk into Pavilion these days actually.

Jason said...

Erm.. why Delicious? :p

David the Man said...

Wah sisters all around!