Saturday, May 03, 2008

The BravingKL Desirability Scale

The sisterhood dinners have been getting rather productive lately. While savouring our meals, we find it necessary to engage ourselves in challenging discussions that help to analyse and address some of the common topics and issues that are close at heart to the gay community in KL.

Inevitably peppering the discussions are Men, Men and more Men. (OK, we can be shallow and deep at the same time). So we find it absolutely necessary to create an analysis that would easily facilitate any references to Men.

Sindy was the first one to propose this, and then we collectively worked on improving the definitions and analysis, which I will now present to you as:

  • The BravingKL Desirability Scale

The scale helps to break down and group all men into 3 main categories:
  • Type A: These are men who have what it takes to make you want to pursue them. This is not specific to just physical appearances, but may include the entire package with factors such as intellectuality and financial stability.
  • Type B: These are men who may not trigger the rush in you to want to pursue them, but if he come after you, you wouldn’t mind dating him. In other words, he’s a convenient option.
  • Type C: These are men whom you would never consider dating, even if he’s making all the moves to pursue you.

All three categories can then be further broken down into 2 sub-categories each:
  • Type A1: These are the rare Prince Charmings in your life! You not only think of pursuing them, but you take active action to do so.
  • Type A2: These are your princes who fall short of certain qualities so that you would just only think of pursuing them, but may not actually do so if they do not send a positive signal your way.
  • Type B1 and B2: The distinction between B1 and B2 are not as clear, but generally you will succumb to the pursuits of B1 better than B2.
  • Type C1: These are the general guys who do not interest you at all.
  • Type C2: You would rather commit suicide than to date him.

Having the scale now properly defined, we then set out to plot a variation of graphs showing the number of guys that fall in the three main categories. Everyone naturally have very different plots of his own desirability chart. We find it interesting to analyse some of them here:

The standard plot reflects the normal distribution of men that we would encounter in our daily lives, judged against the generally-accepted standards in society. Naturally we would expect to find Type A the fewest, followed by Type B, and then those that we would normally filter as Type C.

DBKL are people who set a relatively low standard of quality-control for their men, translating into the fact that they would seem to find almost every single man they encounter to be attractive. The active DBKL's, who are naturally inclined to make the first move, will thus find most men plotted around the Type A vicinity. Studies conducted by the BravingKL Institute of Studies of Gay Men reveals that more than 95% of Active DBKLs are Type C, while the remaining are Type A or B who suffer from a permanent disorder that affects their visual judgements and signifcantly lowered their quality control, symptoms commonly exhibited by a drunken man.

The passive DBKL, while also finding most men that they encounter to be attractive, will not make the first move to pursue them. But if any one of these men do, then the success rate is rather high, if not always a 100%. Thus passive DBKL's find most men plotted in the Type B category. The study confirms that Passive DBKL shares the same social model as Active DBKL.

The princess believes she is too good for anyone, and thus sets impossibly high standards for the man in her life. She ends up with very few men who fulfills her type A and B criteria. Almost everyone is a Type C in her eyes. The same study reveals that only a fraction of Self-Infatuated Princesses are Type A, while in general, all of them suffer from a permanent dillusion of their own attributes due to various factors such as forgetting to install mirrors in their bathrooms.

The scale has since been healthily adopted so far in our daily lives. Among some of the examples of how this is peppered in daily conservations:

  • "Type A coming, at your four-o-clock."
  • "I can’t believe I’m just his type B!"
  • "I don’t mind a type B tonight."
  • "A table full of C’s."


deeperanddeeper said...
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deeperanddeeper said...

I want a Type A everynite!

Comically Sad said...

hey there bravingkl. I'm one of ur silent reader but this post is just too funny to keep quiet. My bf's housemate fits exactly into the active DBKL perfectly! lol...anyways keep up the good work :)

Jason said...

Duh... first graph is soo true.

Brian Chang said...

That's absurd.. graph on men? lol that's new!! :P

bravingkl said...

deeper, you're speaking for the entire gay population i'm sure haha.

Anonymous said...

oh god, this is a good post. hahahahaha. i've never been able to break them down and make a chart out of it, but you make it seem so simple, and it's amazingly true. Hahahahaha


Disco said...
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Leon Koh said...

it's never the complete story.. there are the type of mr popular guy whom I don't like to associate with... while I don't wish to put them in type A but don't deserved to be in type C too..

haha.. just pulling your leg

I love the last 4 lines of your entry..

made me laugh so much

bravingkl said...

hey leon, if it's not type A nor type C, then it'll have to fall in type B lor i guess? i got 3 main categories with 2 sub categories each for you, still cannot categorise him meh??

Sam said...

Wah, complete with chart some more! *studies the charts closely*

This shall come in use someday. Hee hee.

David the Man said...

Anymore details you would like to share with us regarding the personality types? Anyway, your observations are good enough to tell people apart from others, although people can be of differet types at different times, so one person cannot be classified as a single type only, as human have personality types that may overlap each other. Just my observation too

David the Man said...

I mean human personality is a continuum (analog in that sense) and may not be totally specific (digital in that sense). I think your observation is quite general.