Monday, May 05, 2008

The BravingKL Fridae Guide: On Replying Hearts

Are you the type who log on to Fridae everyday and head over to your hearts page the first thing, only to find yourself confronting a list of hearts from the same old members, day after day, without fail?

Well, the sisterhood believes that, if you have exchanged 3 to 4 rounds of heart with the exact same member, and it doesn’t seem like there will be any other follow-up actions from it (such as exchange of messages or chatting in msn), then don’t bother replying their hearts anymore, coz they’re most probably doing a non-selective heart-replying action on a daily basis, or better known as the DBKL Reply (i.e. sending hearts to every tom, dick and harry on their friends or bookmark list). This means, they actually won’t realize that you have stopped replying to their hearts, and thus will continue to send you hearts day after day till time immemorial.

Of course, if a particular member is your Type A (remember the Desirability Scale?), you would naturally have already taken the initiative to write to him. But in general, for higher success rates, invest more time on hearts received from someone NEW, especially if it’s accompanied with a message or a ‘Add Friend’ request (this means YOU are his type A, baby!).

And if you are the ones guilty of doing the non-selective heart-replying. Shame on you! Exactly what kind of fat hopes are cooking in your head!? We believe you may consider spending more time doing another set of chest pumps in the gym, or enjoying another application of facial mask on the sofa.


deeperanddeeper said...

"Add Friend Request" is sometimes nothing more than merely a means to break records in the number of firends collected, just like collecting "Hearts", not necessarily because we're his type A.

bravingkl said...

thanks for the input deeper! hahaha. You seem to be describing the DBKL collector I guess.

ok, let's break this down further. if he's doesn't like what he sees in your profile, it's not likely that he'll add you to his friends list (even though he's in a frantic effort to supersize his friends list). So there must be some kind of attraction here. And since he's the one who has initiated the move to add you to his friend list (and not the other way round), so technically you should qualify as his Type A, at least for as long as he has you in his radar.

Of course, if nothing else happens after the add friend request, it could mean two things:

1) you have not given him enough signal for him to proceed, in which case, you're now his type A2.

2) he has moved on to other targets, and you're thus downgraded to a B.

And now back to your input which aptly describes the DBKL friends collection, which forms a unique population of members that defies the reasoning given above.

(I shall expand on my analysis to study them. Thanks!)

David the Man said...

Haiya, I really have this kind of DBKL Hearts sent to me. Those hearts can go to rubbish dump. Heh!

翰铭 said...

your honour, i'm guilty as charge. it's damn boring replying those hearts, but hell, what am i suppose to do??!!! it's like somebody smile at you and out of courtesy, you have to smile back, right? it's in human nature!

day after day i see these familiar faces on the heart list and i just wish they would stop sending me so i wouldn't miss the new faces who send me heart...

as such, while taking the initiative to send someone's heart usually means u like the person, replying heart doesn't mean he return your feeling anymore. it's basically a social behavior, a gesture of politeness...