Monday, June 02, 2008

The BravingKL Total Photoshop Makeover

Are you hitting the gym on a daily basis and working your butts out at the free weights area but yet grimace at the sight of the loose layers of fat that have stubbornly clung on to your body like how the Type C uncles stick their soapy bods to the frosted partition in the showers?

Well unfortunately the miracle no-sweat workout pill has yet to be invented, but if you are dying to look great for the once-in-a-lifetime photo, then wait no longer, because Photoshop is here to your rescue.

And what better way to demonstrate the miracles of Photoshop then to use real-life examples of photos kidnapped from Fridae? Come witness now the jaw-dropping transformation of less-than-desirable bods into the Type A championship mouth-watering versions that many of us spend countless hours in the gym working towards.










Jason said...

= ="

savante said...

YAY. There's hope for me!

Joe said...

How are you? I'm Joe here.

Would like to know which sauna has a huge crowd of mature man over 45? If possible Malay uncles...

Contact me at

Thank you.

pand0ra said...

dont see much difference on the belly but sure thing is, the effects on the lower part can easily be seen.. hoho..

juz passing by

cyrene said...

i dunno about u guys, but i'd prefer the before pics...actually they're pretty good already i dont think they need ps