Monday, June 30, 2008

A Step Into Love

Design 1 opens with a stomp, followed by a dizzying pivot turn on-board and then a back mambo and two triple-step around the end, before moving in with a quick hectic switch and a dramatic scissor cha-cha and repeater knee straddle, and ends with shuffle straddle and a double lunge. Our eyes alternate between looking at our step boards and at you, our beloved step instructor. Filling the deepest recess of our minds, we greedily take in every explosion of masculinity that would travel from your defined arms to the ripples of manliness beneath your fitting sleeveless tee, and then to the tight layers of pure energy blessing your godly legs.

Design 2 starts off with a two-count pose on-board, and immediately picks up the momentum with a Charleston kick/L-stomp combo, and then a Chassee pivot, followed by a cha-cha, gallop and rocking horse, before taming down to a split basic, and finally a diagonal crossover cha-cha to home. From the loudest of step music, our ears pick up your husky voice, delivering cues after cues with a seemingly bottomless pit of energy source, emanating from between your luscious lips to the darkest corners of our souls, each and every one of us, the steppers in the studio, we have come from all corners of the Klang Valley again to worship you today.

Design 3 explodes into action with a potent Chelsea kick and a frantic back full-circle flip off the edge, before another half-circle turn on-board and an Elvis and shit! I forgot what's next because you have stopped to look at how we're doing and your reassuring eyes have landed on me even if it's just for one tenth of a second. I must have looked like a complete idiot standing there and just clumsily repeating the basic step that I was stuck at. Came a full half-hour before the class starts to jealously guard this spot that allows me an unobstructed line-of-sight to you, yet I fell victim to your mesmerizing gaze.

Design 4 kicks off with a half salsa with a gallop and then a tango switch combo on-board before upping the beat with a hysterical, almost impossible triple alternating switch that sent us flying from one end of the board to another. Barely time to breath, and we’re flying again with a half-turn flick and a starburst followed by a back mambo and double stomp and spin over. In between gasping for air, and catching up with the wicked beat, we are reminded yet again of the source of our adrenalin rush, your inexhaustible energy, your arresting smile, your upbeat personality and your silly chuckle, and then there is the unmistakable sweaty patch on your Adidas pants that is unabashedly revealing the triangular shape underneath.

We cheer as you signal for us to repeat the entire routine for the eighth time in a row, and for once could not tell if the heart is throbbing from the frenetic moves or from the very sight and sound of you. We kick, and we stomp, and we flick our legs, then we spin and then we kick some more. Your very presence is our shining source of inspiration and energy; we say this with our breaking legs and our labored breath.

And then, all the things that we want to say but could never do, we quietly whisper them as the cool-down music plays, and as we stack the step boards neatly back into place, and we would whisper them again for one last time, and then leave them in our aching hearts.

Candle light and soul forever
A dream of you and me together
Say you believe it, say you believe it

Free your mind of doubt and danger
Be for real don't be a stranger
We can achieve it, we can achieve it

Come a little bit closer baby,
get it on, get it on
'Cause tonight is the night when two become one


Fable Frog said...

OMG! we need visual! we need visual!

bravingkl said...

wakaka visual will be too sizzling HOT for this blog.

will try ;)

Jason said...

Yes, we need VISUAL!

deeperanddeeper said...

The allure of the unattainable... Our hearts ache every time we look at him.
Why do we put ourselves through this every week?